Someone’s Space

LCI at PS 138

MoMA Visual Arts Facilitator John Toth

October 1998


Exploring the narrative aspects of a visual work of art.

Explore choices in techniques as options in meaning.

External meaning... Internal meaning

Practice method of Visual Literacy.

Describe... "WHAT" do you see?

Analyze... "HOW" does the artist present visual information?

Interpret... "WHY"?... What do you think your descriptions mean?

Visual Tools ..... choices of ways to express....

Body language, relationships,

Shapes, lines and planes.... rhythm, transformation, essence,.



How can we look deeper at what is before us?

How do we develop respect for nature?

How do we explore community interaction?

What is nature? How do artists represent nature?

What symbols do we bring home from the museum visit?

Art to Explore:

Working Together...

Rousseau, Henri (French, 1844-1910), "The Sleeping Gypsy"

van Gogh, Vincent (Dutch, 1853-1890) "The Starry Night", 1889


Rivera, Diego (Mexican, 1886-1957) "Agrarian Leader, Zapata"

Boccioni, Umberto (Italian, 1882-1916) "The City Rises", 1911



Chagall, Marc (French, b. Russia 1887), "I and the Village", 1911

Brancusi, Constantin (French, b. Rumania,1876-1957), "Bird in Space" , "Fish"

Magritte, Rene (Belgian, 1898-19 7 "The False Mirror"


Nature Changes

Cezanne, Paul French, 1839-1906), "The Bather" or "L’Estaque"

Monet, Claude (French, 1840-1926) "Waterlilies"

Monet, Claude (French, 1840-1926) "Japanese Footbridge"

Matisse, Henri (French, 1869-1954) "The Red Studio", 1911


PS138- Someone’s Space

ACTIVITY that promotes deeper looking


Toth lesson # 1a. Working together / People Connect

Draw groups of people working together.

(actual classroom activity )

Draw groups of people struggling, competing, solving a problem.

Draw people working together to construct a building . (Liz)

PS 138 lesson #1b. Working together / Non verbal organizing.

Get groups of students to organize themselves into formations without using verbal instructions

Toth lesson # 2a Relationships / Power, respect and alliances... in kids terms; getting along

Make drawings that use bodylanguage to communicate actions activities and stories.

PS 138 lesson #2b Relationships / Clothing and Props give context to people... you are your stuff!


Toth lesson # 3 a Changing Nature / Who is in charge here?

Make before and after scenes from an experience where nature suddenly changed.

PS 138 lesson # 3 b. Changing nature / Balance of Forces.

Make a painting that has a the seasons happening at the same time in balance.

Toth lesson # 4 a. Symbols /

What or the objects from the museum that symbolized the relationship between nature and community

Make drawings of objects you remember from the museum trip.

Draw an object that symbolizes nature.

Draw an object that symbolizes community and city.

Make a new transformed symbol that reveals a balance between city and nature.

Title your symbol? How does it compare to others?

PS 138 lesson # 4 b. Symbols /

Create totem objects from our symbol lesson.

Write in your journal the journey of your art experience.