John Toth" Who Is The Future Venus?"

Ink Jet Print, (virtual reality: cel from computer animation)

36" X 48", 1995 image: copyright John Toth 1995


She who ravenous as the sword had held the flood's expanse 

a hundred half-years, grim and greedy, found
that a man was probing, from above, 
the home of aliens. 


...This is the water which becomes Ferment in Wheat;

                   Wine in the Vine; Olive 

         Oil in the Olive; Resin in the Turpentine -tree; 

                                    in the Sesame, the

     different kinds of Fruit in all the Trees.          water

    abundance on Venus   observation which   which is a

     resonance line of water    1% water    water vapor

			finds two intensity peaks

			here is another cloud layer

		clouds would not be water clouds

			they are clouds

	is also subject to similar uncertainties

			variation    curse  views

			on the bright and dark side

			Venus    vector...

"The Atmosphere of Venus" by Michael Basinski

...comments to John Toth

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