John Toth, Who Is The Dancer In The Sky? "Who Is The Dancer In The Sky?"

John Toth, virtual reality: cel from animation,
ink jet print, 36" X 48", 1995

            	"I am she whose touch freezes and whose glance turns to stone.

            	I have stayed the star in its dancing, and the wave as it falls.

            	The highest Alps are my dwelling place; and when I walk,

            	the lightnings flash in my hair; where my eyes fall, they kill."

...Orlando, Virgina Wolf, 1928) added by Christopher Mahoney, Photographer

          		"...the sun ris'n looks through the horizontal misty air

          		Shorn of his beams, or from behind the moon

          		In dim eclipse disasterous twilight sheds

          		On half the nations, and with fear of change

          		Perplexes monarchs. Darked so, yet shone

          		Above them all th' Archangel: but his face

          		Deep scares of thunder had entrenched, and care

          		Sat on his faded cheek, but under brows

          		Of dauntless courage, and considerate pride

          		Waiting revenge: cruel his eyes but cast

          		Signs of remorse and passion to behold

          		The fellows of his crime..."

....(Paradise Lost, John Milton, 1667) added by Christopher Mahoney, Photographer

	      	"I", you say, and are proud of the word,

	      	but greater is that in which you do not wish to have faith-

	      	your body and its good reason: that does not say "I" but does "I"

.... Friedrich Nietzche , added by

Nancy Galeota-Wozny
, Dancer, practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method and teaching artist

             		"Everything that rises must converge."

....(title, Flannery O'Conner, short story)

			Black sails in the sunset

			White noise going "yakity yak"

			All the money in the world won't ever bring your body back

			Is it some mysterious dance

			Nobody can do

			Thought I knew all the steps

			Quite clearly

		        I don't have a clue

--Elvis Costello...added by Stevie D'Arbanville

...comments to John Toth

image: copyright John Toth 1995

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