home on the net

The Good Folks at Earthlink have given me some space for a home page so this is my
attempt at Web Design. Please be patient with my many mistakes, because this is,
after all, a beta test.
I'll be working on this in my spare time and I hope to soon be able to show some more examples of my work.

Would You Like to See Some Of My Photos?

My screen name on AOL's Instant Messaging is "TwoCPlain" * so watch for me,  I would love to hear from you.

Any comments or suggestions? E-Mail Me Thanks

*Why Two Cents Plain?
Well, the story goes...In the early decades of the century, at the height of Jewish immigration to the Lower East Side of New York, a chocolate soda cost 5 cents at the soda fountain whereas a glass of Seltzer Water was only 2 cents, so the typical ploy was to ask for “ a glass of Seltzer for 2 cents Plain...and while you’re at it, can you put in a little Chocolate Syrup?”

 Here I am!
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