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Richard Pence died on Wendesday, November 25th, 2009 following a lengthy illness. His research is now located at the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This webpage will remain active as a source for continuing research.

This site is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of information about the Pence Families of America. What is posted on this web site represents only a portion of the information I have.

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The Hawksbill Pence Families A brief look at the families of Lewis, Jacob, Adam and Henry Pence, who settled before 1760 on the Hawksbill Creek near Stanley in what is now Page County, Va. Most of these families went to Champaign County, Oh. Includes documentation.

Map A map showing the land grants on Hawksbill Creek.

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Kingsley Adolphus Pence's 1912 book.

The History of Judge John Pence and Descendants

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Text Version

Shenandoah Valley Pence Family Group Sheets A summary of the families of 10 early Shenandoah Valley Pence progenitors and those of some of their male descendants. A brief guide to the earliest Pences in Virginia.

Miscellaneous Pence Family Group Sheets: Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

Are you related to these two brothers who were noted outlaws? They were Confederate guerrillas with Quantrill's Raiders in the Civil War. After the war they were paroled and returned home to Clay County, Mo., where they helped pull off the first daylight bank robbery in U.S. history. Frank and Jesse James? Well, yes. But we're talking about Bud and Donnie Pence, neighbors, comrades and life-long friends of the James boys. Click on The Outlaws icon above to learn more about them.


Pence Marriage Records A finding aid for 3,500 U.S. and Canadian Pence, Pense, Pentz and Bentz marriages.

Pences In the War of 1812 A list of some of those with the surname who served.

Games and Names

Who among the Pence family has played major league baseball? Served in Congress? A mere handful, but you can click HERE to learn more about them - and the remarkable coincidence that ties three of them together.

Wills, Deeds, Biographies, Obituaries, Bible Records

Pence Land Grants on the Hawksbill Creek Map showing grants, plus Shenandoah County deeds relating to them.

Pence Deeds From Shenandoah County, Virginia Abstracts from Amelia C. Gilreath's 9-volume collection, used with the author's permission.

Pence Family Biographies Mostly extracted from early county histories.

Shenandoah Valley Pence Obituaries A collection of obituaries of Pences or those closely related, principally from Shenandoah Valley newspapers, including a few old ones.

Miscellaneous Pence Obituaries A collection of obituaries of Pences or those closely related, principally from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, including a few old ones.

Jackson County, Oregon, Pence Obituaries More than one Pence family settled here.