The Hawksbill Pence Families

By Richard A. Pence, © Copyright, 1998-2000.

20 Nov 2000

Notes: The following information, complete with notes and sources, is excerpted from The Hawksbill Pence Families, a book I have been working on for over three years. Included are portions of Chapter 1 concerning the German origins of this family and the children of the four brothers - Lewis, Jacob, Adam and Henry Pence - who joined their father and perhaps other family members in immigrating to America in 1749. I anticipate that the finished volume will contain information on the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of these four brothers, with the names and birth/death dates only for great-great grandchildren. Note that a family is continued only for one generation for female descendants whose mother has the surname Pence (that is, if the information is known, the children and the names of their children). Additionally, there will be an added section more fully dealing with my direct line from Judge John Pence, son of the immigrant Henry Pence, and the families of my cousins down to the present. Reminder to cousins who may check in: Make sure you keep me updated. For general background information on these families, see Shenandoah Valley Pence Families.

Be aware that I have not completed all the documentation and some information will have no source presently indicated or the note itself may be lacking some information that I still must check or update. See the beginning of the notes section for additional information.

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The Family of Johann Georg Bentz, Iggelheim, Germany

1. Johann Georg1 Bentz (JohannesA Bentz) was baptized 16 May 1697 in the Reformed Church at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, the son of Johannes and Susannah (_____) Bentz.1 He married Anna Barbara Bullinger 29 Aug. 1719 at Iggelheim. She was baptized 27 Apr. 1698 in Iggelheim, the daughter of Jacob Bullinger and Anna Katherina Weber.2 Johann Georg Bentz almost certainly was the Georg Bentz who came to Philadelphia on the ship Phoenix, arriving 15 Sep. 1749. Although his name is recorded among the passengers of that ship, no later record of him has been located. Perhaps he soon died or he lived unrecorded with one of his sons who also came on the Phoenix. Because the names of women passengers are not recorded, it is not known if his wife accompanied him. It is possible she died before the voyage but a study of the registers of the Reformed Church of Iggelheim did not locate a death or burial record for her.

The Children of Johann Georg and Anna Barbarba (Bullinger) Bentz
2. i. Johannes2 Bentz was born 3 June and baptized 5 June 1720 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger). No further information.
3. ii. Johann Valentine Bentz was baptized 10 Jan. 1723 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullingerin). He died - June 1728 at Iggelheim.
+4. iii. Johann Ludwig Bentz was baptized 31 Dec. 1724 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullingerin). Settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as Lewis Pence.
+5. iv. Johann Jacob Bentz was baptized 14 Dec. 1727 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bohlingerin). Settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as Jacob Pence.
6. v. Valentine Bentz was baptized 18 Jan. 1731 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Hans Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara _____). No further information.
+7. vi. Johann Adam Bentz was baptized 4 May 1735 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Hans Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger). Settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as Adam Pence.
+8. vii. Johann Heinrich Bentz was baptized - Nov. 1739 at Iggelheim (parents listed as Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara _____). Settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as Henry Pence.

The Family of Lewis Pence (Johann Ludwig Bentz)

4. Lewis2 Pence (Johann Georg1 Bentz, JohannesA Bentz) was baptized 31 Dec. 1724 in the Reformed Church at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, the son of Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger. He came to America with other members of his family on the ship Phoenix in 1749. He died before 25 May 1779 in Shenandoah County, Va., when his oldest son, John, sold some of his land.3 His wife is unknown, although she is identified on a deed record as Barbara in 1767 (see below). A 1794 Shenandoah County marriage bond gives the parents of a Susannah Pence as "Ludwig and Minerva" (see Susannah below), so it is possible he had a second wife. The earliest record found of him after his arrival in America is when he purchased 49 acres of land from Rudolph Mauck in Frederick County, Va., on 26 Aug. 1754.4He and his wife Barbara sold this tract to Caspar Taylor 2 June 1767,5 after having received a grant of 440 acres from Lord Fairfax on 7 Nov. 1757.6 Since no will or estate record can be found for Lewis or his wife or wives, and the church register which may have contained information on his family is lost, the names of his children may never be accurately identified. Only his oldest son John can be documented; all others attributed to him by some are speculative, as indicated below.

The Children of Lewis and Barbara (_____) Pence
+9. i. John3 Pence was born about 1755, probably in Frederick County, Va. He is described as the "oldest son and heir" of Lewis Pence in various Shenandoah County, Va., deeds, the first of which was recorded on 29 May 1779.7 He married Elizabeth _____, probably in Shenandoah County. No dates of death have been found for either John or Elizabeth, but they can be inferred from census, deed and marriage records (see discussion below). John continued to sell his father's land in Shenandoah County until 1805, when his name disappears from the records there, and he apparently joined some of the Kiblinger family in moving to what is now Clark County, Oh.8 John, along with his son Peter and his presumed son Abraham, appear in the 1820 census of German Twp., Clark County.9 He apparently died shortly before 1830 as neither he nor his wife appear in the 1830 census of Clark County.10 Because of the large number of land transactions involving John Pence, son of Henry2, in both Champaign and present-day Clark counties and the fact that both John, son of Henry2, and John, son of Lewis2, had wives named Elizabeth, it is difficult to sort out which is which in the land records. This John, however, is usually referred to as "John Pence Sr." or "John Pentz Sr." and careful review of land transactions in both Champaign and Clark indicate John "Sr." was a relatively small land holder and, after 1827, did not own any real estate. He apparently had disposed of whatever land he previously owned by 2 May 1813 when, as John Pentz Sen., Mathias Friermood and his wife Mattie sold him 110-13/100 acres in the north part of the southeast quarter of Sec. 9 and part in Sec. 3 of present-day German Twp. in Clark County.11 John Pence and wife Elizabeth sold 60 acres to Daniel Kiblinger, probably their son-in-law, on 19 July 1814.12 John Pentz (no wife mentioned, indicating her probable prior death) then sold the remaining 50-13/100 acres to Martin Baker on 23 Oct. 1827 and his name disappears from the land records.13 The 1826 tax roll for Clark County shows him with 50 acres in the north part of the southeast quarter of Sec. 9, German Twp., and he is listed with the same 50 acres in 1827. In 1828 there is no list and in 1829 he is listed for 50 acres, but this is crossed out with the notation "transfered to Martin Baker".14 This John Pence likely was the "John Junr." who served in Captain Michael Reader's company in the Revolution, although there is no ready indication of why he was called "Junr."15
10. ii. Lewis Pence is a possible son. Some Champaign County, Oh., Pence descendants say that the Lewis Pence who went there was the son of Lewis2. However, the Lewis3 who went to Champaign County in 1820 was almost certainly the son of Jacob2 (which see). Possibility Lewis2 as well as Jacob2 had a son named Lewis and that both these Lewises had wives named Barbara; if so, the records concerning them are indistinguishable.
11. iii. Susannah Pence, possibly a daughter. Benjamin Maggart on 2 May 1794 signed a bond in Shenandoah County, Va., to marry Susannah Pence, who is described as the daughter of "Ludwig and Minerva [or Mirvin]" on the bond.16 No other reference to a Minerva has been found. Despite this bond, the Susannah who married Benjamin Maggart was the daughter of Henry2, for it can be fully documented that Henry's daughter Susannah was the one who married Benjamin Maggart; see her entry.
12. iv. Barbara Pence, possibly a daughter. A Barbara Pence who married Adam Kibler is considered by some Kibler descendants to be the daughter of Lewis. See, however, Barbara, daughter of Jacob2, for a discussion of the possibility she was the one who married Adam Kibler.
13. v. Margaret Pence, possible daughter. A Margaret Pence, otherwise unidentified, is said by Kiblinger descendants to be the wife of Jacob Kiblinger and the daughter of Lewis2. This couple probably married in Shenandoah County, Va., and then went to Clark County, Oh., about 1805.17 However, if the Margaret Pence who married Jacob Kiblinger was the daughter of Lewis2, one is confronted with the unlikely prospect of there being three first-cousin marriages between her Kiblinger children and the children of her brother, John Pence.18

The Family of Jacob Pence (Johann Jacob Bentz)

5. Jacob2 Pence (Johann Georg1 Bentz, JohannesA Bentz) was baptized 14 Dec. 1727 in the Reformed Church at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, the son of Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger. He came with his father on the ship Phoenix to Pennsylvania 15 Sep. 1749. He died before 29 Oct. 1778 in Shenandoah County, Va., when his wife, Barbara, and Frederick Pence, who is called "oldest son and heir" of Jacob in later deeds, were named administrators of his estate.19 He married Barbara _____, who after Jacob's death married Henry Harshbarger 20 Dec. 1785 in Shenandoah County. Barbara left a will (written 4 Jan. 1794, filed 14 Mar. 1797) in Shenandoah County, describing herself as widow first of Jacob Pence and then of Henry Harshbarger.20 Jacob received a grant of 262 acres from Lord Fairfax on 20 Aug. 1766. This land was on the Hawksbill Creek and adjoined that of his brother Lewis to the southeast and that of his brother Henry to the northeast; the lands of the latter two abutted each other along the Little Hawksbill Creek about a mile east of the present village of Marksville.21

The Children of Jacob and Barbara (_____) Pence22
+14. i. Frederick3Pence was was no doubt the George Frederic Bentz, son of Jacob and Barbara Bentz, whose birth or baptism is recorded as being 20 Nov 1752 in the records of the First Reformed Church, Lancaster County, Pa., and died in 1832 in Mad River Twp., Champaign County, Oh.23 He married, first, Mary _____, probably about 1778 in Shenandoah County, Va., and, second, Margaret (Peggy) (______) Venis on 9 Sep. 1819 in Champaign County.24 He is called "oldest son and heir" of Jacob in Shenandoah County deeds25 and was a gunsmith and wagonmaker.26 He moved before 1819 to Champaign County, where he left many descendants. He served in Captain Michael Reader's company in Shenandoah County (then called Dunmore County) during the Revolutionary War.27
+15. ii. Lewis Pence was born about 1754 in Frederick County, Va., and died in late 1832 in Champaign County, Oh.28 He married Barbara Kibler on 29 Apr. 1782 in Shenandoah County, Va. She was the daughter of Henry and Mary Kibler.29 This Lewis generally has been believed to be the son of Lewis2 Pence. However, the will of Barbara, widow of Jacob2, lists a Lewis as a child, and Frederick, called oldest son and heir of Jacob, made a division of Jacob's land grant and deeded half of its 262 acres to this Lewis in 1795. Lewis and his wife, Barbara, conveyed all but about two acres of it to Emanuel Pence, also a son of Jacob2, in 1800.30 It is almost certainly this Lewis, son of Jacob2, who went to Champaign County by 19 Oct. 1820, when he purchased 702 acres of land from his cousin, John Pence, son of Henry2, for $12,680.31 Previously, Lewis and Barbara, on 14 Sep. 1819, sold 350 acres of land in Shenandoah County to John Garber for $6,553 and another 168 acres to Charles Beazley for $3,780.32 Lewis served in Captain Michael Reader's company in the Revolution.33
+16. iii. Daniel Pence was born about 1758, probably in Frederick County, Va., and died about 1839 in Champaign County, Oh., as David Berry was made administrator of the estate of Daniel Pence on 30 Sep. 1839.34 He married Catherine Prince 10 Apr. 1789 in Shenandoah County, Va. She was the daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Prince.35 His first deed record in Shenandoah was on 17 Aug. 1790, when he purchased 200 acres on the Hawksbill Creek "standing at the foot of a mountain in a line of the land which belonged to Jacob Pence deceased" from Joseph Vincent.36 He apparently was living with his mother and siblings in 1783 and 1885; he is listed as the head of the household in Shenandoah County in 1783, but on the 1785 tax list his mother, Barbara, is listed as the family head.37 Daniel and his wife, Catherine, "of Shenandoah County," sold the land he purchased from Vincent to Joseph Roads on 14 Sep. 1805 and his name does not again appear in the deed books of Shenandoah.38 He next appears on 31 May 1811 when he bought land in Sec. 35 of Mad River Twp., Champaign County, Oh., at the Cincinnati land office.39 He is missing from the 1820 census, but in 1830 he is in Mad River Twp. as "Daniel Sen.," age 60-70. 40 An 1813 deed recorded in Champaign County which refers to him as being from Greene County appears to be in error.41 [Descendants in Champaing County and general area.]
+17. iv. Emanuel Pence was born about 1762 probably in Frederick County, Va., and died about 1811 in Lincoln County, Ky.42 He married Catherine _____ about 1786, probably in Shenandoah County, Va., but no record has been found there or in surrounding counties. Since early migrations often involved family groups and Emanuel was the only one of his Pence family to go to Lincoln County, a careful check of early census and marriage records of that county was made in effort to perhaps identify other Shenandoah County families, but no names common to that latter county were apparent. The definitive proof is so far lacking that this Emanuel with wife Catherine is the same as the Emanuel with wife Catherine in Lin coln County, but there is ample and convincing circumstantial evidence to support this contention. Emanuel is a name rarely encountered among Pence families and this individual has been the only one discovered in Virginia for this period. Emanuel Pence bought a portion of his father's original land grant from his brother Lewis on 9 June 1800; on 7 Sep. 1801 he sold this same land to Adam Kibler (probably his brother-in-law) and to Jacob Pence (son of Henry2) and his name does not appear on the Shenandoah County records after that date.43 Emanuel Pence bought 250 acres of land on Logan's Creek (later called Dix's Creek) in Lincoln County from Jacob Swope in early 1802.44 Emanuel, older than age 45, is the head of a household in Lincoln County in 181045; Catherine appears as the head of the household in 1820 and 1830.46 The census records indicate they may have had as many as five sons and ten daughters, but since Catherine was older than 55 in 1820, it is pfobable the two females under 10 that year were grandchildren. It appears, however, that by 1845, when the oldest son John made his will, there were but three living sons: John, Adam and Emanuel. John also mentioned his sisters, but did not name them (see Johm, below). Eleven children can be inferred from census and marriage records of Lincoln County; one son appears to have died young.47 The birthplace for the older children is given as Virginia on later census records. [Descendants in Lincoln County; many went to Illinois and Missouri, then elsewhere.]
+18. v. Jacob Pence was born about 1771, probably in Frederick County, Va. He died 9 Oct. 1850 "in his 79th year" in Champaign County, Oh., and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery there.48 He is said to have been born in Buckingham County, Va.,49 but this is an obvious error as he married Eve Prince 29 Dec. 1798 in Shenandoah County, Va., and his home was there. She was the daughter of Godlove and Magdalene Prince (Printz). He likely was the Jacob, "blacksmith," in Shenandoah County in the 1810 census, living next to Frederick Pence and Jacob Pence, "cooper."50 He went to Champaign County probably in 1819.51 He is described as "Jacob Pence (of Jacob)" in an 1811 deed.52
+19. vi. Barbara Pence was probably born in the Hawksbill area of what was then either Frederick or Shenandoah County, Va., and apparently married _____ Rinker according to her mother's will53; however, some Kibler descendants believe this Barbara was the one who married Adam Kibler (see Barbara, possible daughter of Lewis2). The Barbara who married Adam Kibler was born about 1770, probably in Frederick County, Va., and died in 1853 in Jasper County, Ill., where she was living with a son. Adam Kibler was born in Virginia about 1762 and more likely 1764, judging by available evidence. He died in 1815 in Shenandoah County. [Children went to Ohio, Illinois, and later descendants elsewhere.]
20. vii. Mary Pence was born in what was then probably Frederick County, Va. She married Jacob Harshbarger 28 Mar. 1786 in Shenandoah County (described as daughter of Barbara and son of Barbara on the bond, indicating Jacob was her stepbrother and the son of Henry Harshbarger.54 A Jacob Hershberger and family were in Shenandoah County in 1820; Jacob and his wife were both over age 45 and there were four sons and three daughters, all under age 26.55 There have been some speculative familes developed for various Jacob Harshbargers, but it cannot be shown that Mary Pence was the wife of any of these.
21. viii. Susannah Pence married _____ Nale (Null, Nail, Nall), perhaps William,56 who witnessed several Pence deeds and was bondsman for the marriage of Martin Pence, son of Lewis3), or Mathias, who signed the bond for the marriage of Mary Pence, above, to Jacob Harshbarger. No further information on this couple.
22. ix. Elizabeth Pence was born in Shenandoah County, Va.; and married John Fries. on 5 May 1793 in Shenandoah County. They possibly went to Champaign County, Oh., or nearby Clark County, Oh., but no reliable details on them have been located.
+23. x. Eve Pence was born between 1770-1780, probably in Shenandoah County, Va., and died in 1845 in Page County, Va. She married John Kibler 30 May 1793 in Shenandoah County. He was born about 1765 in Virginia, the son of Henry and Mary Kibler, and died about 1841 probably in Page County.57 Printed Shenandoah County marriage bonds show Eve Hershberger as marrying John Kibler; however, the bond says Eve, daughter of Barbara Harshbarger, and by this time Barbara, as Jacob Pence's widow, had married Henry Harshbarger and was widowed again.

The Family of Adam Pence (Johann Adam Bentz)

7. Adam Pence (Johann Georg1 Bentz, JohannesA Bentz) was baptized 4 May 1735 in the Reformed Church at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, the son of Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger, and died between 2 Sep. 1814 (will date) and June 1816 (will probated) in Scott County, Ky.58 He no doubt accompanied his father to Pennsylvania in 1749 on the ship Phoenix as a young man age 16 or under and thus does not appear on the list of the ship's passengers who took the oath of allegiance. He married, probably second, Nancy _____, who survived him; no further record can be found of her, however, except that she was living in Georgetown, the seat of Scott County, in 1820.59 Census records and ages of his children suggest she was his second wife, since he had two children under the age of 10 in his household in 1810 and all of his other six children were married with families by then.60 No deeds can be found in Frederick or Shenandoah counties, Va., for Adam Pence, but he appears there as early as 176261 and is on tax lists for Shenandoah county in the 1770s and 1780s.62 He apparently went to Kentucky before 1800, when he apears on the tax list. He served in Jacob Holeman's company in Dunmore County in the Revolutionary War.63 His will mentions his wife Nancy and children Adam, George, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, William and the youngest, probably Nancy but variously rendered as what looks to be Nanny or Narmy or Naoma in the will. His last two children were probably the only two children of Nancy.

The Children of Adam and _____ (_____) Pence
+24. i. Mary Pence was born about 1765 probably in Frederick County, Va. She died in 1828 or 1829 in Fairfield County, Oh. She was married to Francis Pebler (Pevler, now Bibler) 15 Apr. 1783 in Shenandoah County, Va., by the Rev. Anderson Moffitt, an associate of Elder John Koontz at the Mill Creek Baptist Church. Francis was born in 1768, probably in Lancaster County, Pa., the son of Johann Frantz Bibler and Albertina Charlotha Kroh. Francis and Mary were among those who joined the members of the Mill Creek Church who went to Fairfield County about 1805. A deed in Scott County, Ky., involving the children of Adam2 Pence is signed by Mary Pebler of Fairfield County and her signature was witnessed there.64
+25. ii. Elizabeth Pence was born about 1768, probably in Frederick County, Va., and apparently died in the 1840s in Boone County, Ky. She married John Shaver 19 July 1784 in Shenandoah County, Va. He was born about in 1745 in Germany and died after the 1850 census, in which he is listed as age 105, and before May of 1851 in Boone County, when his will was filed.65 In it he leaves everything to his wife with the previso that upon her death everything is to be sold and the proceeds divided equally among his children, named in the will (also named are the children of a deceased daughter). Considering that the will was apparently written in 1831 and John's probable year of birth--and the fact that there is no listing for him in the 1840 census of Boone County--it seems likely he died before 1840 but the will was not probated until after Elizabeth's death. Following that, in accordance with the will, his estate was auctioned, bringing nearly $8,000, the bulk from the sale of "one Negro woman & 2 children," who broght $950, and his real estate, which was sold for $5,875, indicating he was a large land owner.66
+26. iii. Catherine (Katy) Pence was born about 1771 probably in Frederick County, Va., and died in 1858 in Ralls County, Mo.67 She married Hankerson Adam Utterback (Waterback) about 1791. He was born about 1770 in Culpeper County, Va., and died in 1831 in Ralls County, the son of Joseph Utterback.68 They settled in Boone County, Ky., before 1810 and went to Missouri in 1820 and settled near Cincinnati in Ralls County.69
+27. iv. George Pence was born about 1774 probably in Shenandoah County, Va., and died in 1847 in Scott County, Ky. (will made 29 Mar. 1845, proved 21 June 1847).70 He married _____ Brown about 1798.71 [Descendants in both Kentucky and Platte County, Mo.]
+28. v. John Pence was born about 1776 probably in Shenandoah County, Va., and died in 1836 in Clay County, Mo.72 He married Sarah (Sally) Lightburn about 1800. She was born 21 June 1775 in Virginia and died 6 Dec. 1858 in Richmond Twp., Ray County, Mo., age 84 years; buried in New Hope Cemetery, adjacent to New Hope Baptist Church in Richmond Twp. She was the daughter of Richard Lightburn and his wife Patsy Jones of Virginia and Scott County, Ky.73 John and his family moved to Clay County about 1825. While in Scott County, he ran afoul of some neighbors. A letter from Hugh Emison in Scott County, dated 11 Oct. 1819, apprises his son Thomas.74
+29. vi. Adam Pence was born in 1780 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died in 1857 in Clay County, Mo. (will dated 7 Nov. 1855, proved 25 June 1857). He married Elizabeth ( Betsey) Bellows ( Bellis , Baylis, etc.) about 1798, probably in Shenandoah County. Henry Bellis mentions his daughter Betsey, wife of Adam Pence, in his will in Scott County, Ky., in 1807, and Mary Bellows mentions her daughter Elizabeth Pence in her will in nearby Fayette County, Ky., in 1833. A Henry Bellows, with a wife named Mary, lived in the Hawksbill area and is mentioned in several deeds involving the Pences, but it is not known if they were the parents of Elizabeth. Adam and his family went to Clay County from Scott County in 1826. [Many descendants in Clay County and area; two grandsons fought with Quantrill's Raiders in the Civil War and later briefly rode with the James Gang.]

The Children of Adam and Nancy (_____) Pence
30. vii. William Pence was born between 1800 and 1810 probably in Scott County, Ky. No further record, although it is possible this is the William who went from Kentucky to Orange County and Crawford County, Ind., where he left descendants (including a son Adam and a daughter Nancy).75
31. viii. Nancy (Naoma?) Pence was born between 1800 and 1810 probably in Scott County, Ky. No further information.

The Family of Henry Pence (Johann Heinrich Bentz)

8. Henry2 Pence (Johann Georg1 Bentz, JohannesA Bentz) was born probably in late October, 1739, at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, and was baptized in the Reformed Church there in November of that year, the son of Johann Georg Bentz and Anna Barbara Bullinger. He died, probably on 1 March, in 1824 in Champaign County, Oh.76 He wrote his will 10 Apr. 1820 and it was filed 1 Dec. 1824 in Champaign County. 77 He married about 1765 Mary Magdalene Blimly, probably in Frederick County, Va. Her surname is known as Flowers among some descendants. The name Flowers is perhaps an English translation of "blumlein," the German word for flower. No record of this marriage has been found. The source of the surname Blimly is Beers' county history, where it is given in a quite accurate write-up on David Pence, son of Henry's son Abraham.78 Among the descendants of Henry's son Benjamin Pence in Bartholomew County, Ind., her maiden name is believed to have been Flowers, and the author has received correspondence from descendants of Henry's daughter Anna (Norman), who settled in Montgomery County, Ind., in which it is stated that "the only thing I know about Anna Pence is that her mother was a 'Mrs. Flowers.'"79 Descendants of Henry's daughter Mary (Runkle) also give Flowers as her name.80 And John Pence, son of Henry, named a daughter Phoebe Flowers; however, John's grandson, Kingsley Adolphus Pence, accepted Blimly, probably from the Beers history, as the surname in his book on the descendants of one of Henry's sons.81 Mary was born in 1749 and died, probably on 20 Sep. 1829, in Champaign County. She is buried next to her husband in Nettle Creek Cemetery. A write-up on the centenial birthday of a granddaughter, Dicey (Runkle) Dunlap, said: "Her grandmother on the mother's side came as a child with her parents, and while the ship was making the journey both parents died. The little girl was later adopted by a family on board the ship. The family settled in Virginia and their descendants moved to Ohio."82 Henry is first identified as being in Frederick County (later Shenandoah County) in October of 1760, probably shortly after he reached the legal age of 21, when he and his brother Adam purchased a land warrant from John Walker. He later received a patent for this 474 acres on 30 Mar. 1770. This land is described as "on Rich Mountain at the head of the Hawksbill."83 Henry moved to Mad River Twp. in 1805, along with many members of his family; others, including children and nieces and nephews, followed later. His descendants have been granted membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution on the basis of his service in Captain Michael Reader's company in the Revolutionary War.84

The Children of Henry and Mary (Blimly) Pence85
32. i. George3 Pence was born 16 Aug. 1766 probably in Frederick County, Va., and died in Shenandoah County, Va., in 1810. In May of that year, "Mary Pence, widow of George Pence, deceased, came into court and relinquished her right of administration on the estate of the said George Pence." Joseph Mauck, undoubtedly Mary's brother, was made administrator and, with Joseph Strickler as surety, posted bond in the amount of $2,400.86 That same day it was ordered that John A. Barbee, Christian Hoffman, David Kaufman and Abraham Strickler "so value and appraise the slaves /if any/ and personal estate of George Pence, deceased."87 On 26 Oct. 1810 the inventory was returned and ordered recorded.88 On 23 Oct. 1811 it was ordered that John A. Barbee, Joseph Strickler and George Brittan (or any two of them) settle the estate of George Pence, deceased, with Joseph Mauck, the administrator, and report back to the court.89 On 24 May 1813, "The settlement of the estate account of George Pence, deceased, was returned to the court and ordered to be recorded."90 Neither the record of the inventory nor the settlement can be located in the Shenandoah County record books. George married Mary (Maria) Mauck 9 Nov. 1790 in Shenandoah County. She was the daughter of Daniel Mauck and Barbara Harnsbarger.91 No further information has been located which identifies George's descendants, but it is believed he had two sons and a daughter. It is probably George's widow Mary who lived near his brother Abraham (who married Mary's sister Elizabeth) in Shenandoah County in 1810 (one female 26-45, one male under 10, one male 16-25 and one female 10-16).92 Entries in the Shenandoah County deed books indicate that George had financial problems, perhaps losing land he had mortgaged. Daniel Mauck, George's father-in-law, added a codicil to his will stating that no part of Mary's inheritance was to fall into George's hands.93 An 1811 deed book entry by George's brother John states that John had made a settlement with his sister-in-law which protected her dower rights.94 John Pence may have returned from Champaign County, Oh., to Shenandoah County in 1811, perhaps to conduct this and other family business, and it may have been that his brother Abraham and, possibly, his sister-in-law Mary went to Champaign County with him at that time. It is believed that Abraham and his family went to Champaign in 1811, but this theory cannot be supported by any records with respect to Mary and her family. A possible clue to the whereabouts of Mary and one of her children appears in an 1821 indenture in which Christian Maggart and his wife Mary, for $1 and "other good causes" gramted a small parcel of land to a Mary Pence for her to live on "the rest of her natural life."95 The reason for this transaction is unclear, as no relationship between this Maggard family and Mary Pence can be found.96 It should be noted, however, that no heirs of George Pence were mentioned in the will of Henry2 Pence, who called Jacob (see next) his oldest son in that document, written in Champaign County in 1820.97
+33. ii. Jacob Pence was born 15 Sep. 1767 probably in Frederick County, Va. He died 12 June 1828 in Champaign County, Oh., and was buried in the Steinberger Cemetery there, as his wife.98 He married Maria (Mary) Coffman 7 June 1802 in Shenandoah County, Va. She was born in 1778 in Virginia and died 26 Jan. 1816 in Champaign County, daughter of the Rev. Martin Coffman and Mary Lionberger.99 Anticipating, however, that his wife would relinquish her rights to the real estate to their sons in return for her support, he divided his real estate into two equal parts and willed them to the sons on condition they each pay their two sisters $250 within five years.100
+34. iii. Henry Pence was born 4 Sep. 1768 probably in Frederick County, Va. He died 11 Aug. 1844 in Champaign County, Oh.,100 and was buried there in Nettle Creek Cemetery, Mad River Twp. He was married twice, first to Elizabeth Koontz on 2 Jan. 1788 in Shenandoah County, Va. She was the daughter of Elder John and Elizabeth (Baker) Koontz. Elizabeth was born about 1767-1770101 and died after 1797 (child born) and before 1803 (Henry remarried) in Shenandoah County. Henry married, second, Eve Snyder on 5 July 1803 in Shenandoah County. She was born 30 Apr. 1779 and died 7 Dec. 1861 in Mad River Twp. and was buried in Nettle Creek Cemetery.102 She was the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Snyder.103 [Descendants to Putnam County, Oh., and Logan County, Ill., and from there to Nebraska and on west.]
+35. iv. Abraham Pence was born 7 Sep. 1769 in Frederick County, Va., and died in 1838 in Mad River Twp., Champaign County, Oh.104 He was buried in Nettle Creek Cemetery.105 He married Elizabeth Mauck 11 Feb. 1791 in Shenandoah County, Va. She was born 17 Jan. 1769 in Frederick County and died 26 Jan. 1851 in Champaign County; buried in Nettle Creek Cemetery.106 She was the daughter of Daniel Mauck and Barbara Harnsbarger.107 They went to Champaign County in 1811 according to a county history, which also says he was "called out as a scout during the early Indian troubles and was stationed in what is now known as Logan County. He was a faithful member of the Baptist Church [Nettle Creek], and held the position of Deacon for many years."108 In his will, Abraham made no "further provision for my wife" because "believing as I do that the Statute of the State of Ohio makes full and ample provision for the widow of a deceased person."109 [One son, a lawyer, to Chicago, Ill., and another, a minister, to Topeka, Kans.]
36. v. Magdalene Pence was born 31 Jan. 1771 probably in Frederick County, Va. No further information, although she is said to have settled in Mad River Twp., Champaign County, Oh.111 Neither she nor her heirs are mentioned in her father's will, so apparently she died before 1820. It is not known if she married.
+37. vi. Susannah Pence was born 4 July 1772 probably in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 21 May 1853 in Champaign County, Oh; buried in Myrtle Tree Cemetery, Mad River Twp., Champaign County.112 She married, first, Benjamin Maggart 6 May 1794 in Shenandoah County.113 It appears that this family was intending to move to Ohio with her father and Benjamin became ill and died in 1805, for he left a will in Shenandoah County late that year directing that his Shenandoah County land be sold and new lands bought in the west for his wife and his children, not named.114 Christian Aleshite, as one of the executors of Benjamin's will, sold his land--128 acres betweem the Little Hawksbill and the South River [of the Shenandoah]--to Philip Comer on 1 Jan. 1818; the amount paid is not given in the deed.115 Henry Pence (son of Henry2) subsequently purchased land in Champaign County and deeded it to Benjamin's surviving children. Benjamin was the son of David Maggart and his wife Margaret.116 He apparnetly was first married to Elizabeth Judy, daughter of Jacob, on 29 Sep. 1791 in Shenandoah County. It is believed that his son Joseph Maggart, mentioned in transactions involving the estate of Benjamin, was his son by this marriage, as he remained in Virginia.117 Susannah married, second, Thomas Jenkins before April 1820 (father's will written), whose first wife was Nellie Sisk. He died about 1830.118 The Jenkins family also came from Shenandoah County. There were no children from her second marriage.119
+38. vii. John Pence was born 15 Jan. 1774 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 20 Sep. 1841 in Henderson County, Ill., where he is buried in Rozetta Baptist Cemetery, near his farm in Oquawka Twp.120 He married, first, Eve Piper (Pfeiffer) on 22 Dec. 1795 in Shenandoah County. She was born about 1775 and died shortly after 30 Sep. 1801 (the date her father's will was written) in Shenandoah County, daughter of Augustine and Mary Ann Piper. His second wife was Elizabeth Steinberger, whom he married 4 July 1803 in Shenandoah County. She was born about 1783 in Shenandoah County and died probably in the spring of 1826 in Bartholomew County, Ind. She was the daughter of John Steinberger and Elizabeth Norman. His third wife was Elizabeth (Heaton) Records, whom he married on 3 Apr. 1828 in Bartholomew County. She was the widow of James Records and had two sons by her first marriage, Thomas and Spencer T. Records, both of whom are mention in the will of John Pence.121 She died 13 Aug. 1843, age 42 years, in Henderson County and is buried in Rozetta Baptist Cemetery.122 Elizabeth Heaton was the dughter of Thomas Heaton and Susan Taylor and likely was born near Harper's Ferry in what is now West Virginia.123 [His 16 children left a multitude of descendants in almost every state west of Ohio; many are given in Kingsley Adolphus Pence's 1912 book (see Bibliography).]
+39. viii. Barbara Pence was born 2 Nov. 1775 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died before 1820 (father's will), probably in Champaign County, Oh. She married, first, _____ Rosenbarger, who may have died in Virginia, but no record of the marriage or his death has been found. Barbara married, second, John Stewart on 9 Oct. 1806 in Champaign County. There was a John Stewart living in Urbana Twp., Champaign County, in 1820.124 [Her Rosenbarger son went to Iowa.]
+40. ix. David Pence was born 4 Feb. 1777 in Shenandoah County, Va. (1778 on his tombstone, but 1777 in a county history article on a grandson125) and died in 1852 in Fairfield County, Oh., where he is buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery.126 He married, first, Barbara Ruffner 22 Jan. 1803 in Shenandoah County. She was born in 1782 in Shenandoah County and died in 1831 in Fairfield County, where she is buried with her husband.127 She was the daughter of Emanuel Ruffner and Magdaline Grove.128 David married, second, Katharine Rose Grove 21 Feb. 1832 in Licking County, Oh. She was born 25 Nov. 1798 in Licking County and died 2 June 1863, aged 64 years, in Fairfield County, where she is buried with her husband.129 She was the daughter of John Grove and Barbara Lionberger.130 The Ruffners were among the followers of the Rev. Martin Coffman who split with the Baptist Church at Mill Creek in Shenandoah County and eventually formed a new congregation at Pleasant Run in Fairfield County about 1805. The split centered on the issues of bearing arms, slavery and the taking of oaths, and dated back to the Revolutionary War.131 [Descendants in Ohio.]
+41. x. Joseph Pence was born 26 Sep. 1778 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 6 July 1855 in Champaign County, Oh.132 He is buried with his wife and other members of his family in the Pence Cemetery on his farm in Urbana Twp., Champaign County.133 He married Magdalene Coffman 12 Nov. 1809 in Champaign County. Magdalene, whose father died in 1805, perhaps came to Champaign County as a single woman with her sister Mary and brother-in-law Jacob Pence, brother of Joseph. She was born 13 June 1777 in Shenandoah County and died 6 Jan. 1872 in Urbana Twp. in her 94th year; she is buried with her husband in the family cemetery. She was the daughter of the Rev. Martin Coffman and Mary Lionberger.134 [Descendants in Ohio and west.]
+42. xi. Samuel Pence was born 4 Feb. 1780 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died in February of 1815 in Champaign County, Oh.135 He married Elizabeth C. Cowhick 8 Jan. 1809 in Champaign County. She was the daughter of Patrick Cowhick and Catherine Lawson and a sister to Anne E., the wife of Samuel's brother Reuben.136 Elizabeth remarried to John Donavan 15 Apr. 1816 in Champaign County and they apparently soon left the county, leaving the children to be raised by other members of the Pence family. On the first Monday of August, 1816 (5 Aug.), Henry2 Pence brought suit against Joseph Pence (his son) and John and Elizabeth Donavan, seeking recovery of $1,000 he said he had loaned his son Samuel on 1 Sep. 1811 at Urbana. At issue was whether the suit had been timely filed within the prescribed four years. In December of 1817, a jury decided that Henry Pence Sr. had agreed with Samuel Pence within four years of the start of the suit and that Henry should recover $380.75 for damages, plus $21.28 as his costs. The jury decided that the remainder of the debt, $408.03, was to be forfeited by Henry Pence.137 It appears that Henry, shown by other records to be quite generous towards his children, may have brought this suit to protect his grandchildren by preventing at least that portion of Samuel's estate from falling into the hands of their mother and stepfather. [His sons, John and David, went to Logan County, Ill., and on west to Washington state.]
+43. xii. Anna Pence was born 10 Oct. 1781 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 5 Mar. 1847 in Montgomery County, Ind.138 She married John Norman 11 Feb. 1800 in Shenandoah County. He was the son of Thomas Norman (Newman, Nowman) and Elizabeth Hoffman.139 John and Anna were in Champaign County, Oh., where he operated a mill, when he was chosen as executor when her father wrote his will and the next year they apparently were in Bartholomew County, Ind., when they purchased land 20 May 1825.140 Isaac Pence (see next) and John and Joseph Norman are identified as being at the Hickory Creek settlement at the present site of Joliet, Will County, Ill., in 1831.141 John Norman, or perhaps Joseph Norman, built the first flour mill in Joliet in 1834-35.142 From there they went to Montgomery County before 1840.
+44. xiii. Isaac Pence was born 23 July 1784 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 7 Apr. 1854 in Washington County, Ia., and is buried in Ainsworth Cemetery there.143 He married Susannah Aleshire 25 Jan. 1806 in Shenandoah County. She was born in 1783 in Shenandoah County and died 31 Mar. 1851 in Washington County, where she is buried with her husband in Ainsworth Cemetery. She was the daughter of Christian Aleshire and Christina Pangle.144 Isaac and his family moved to Champaign County, Oh., in 1811, then followed his brother John to Bartholomew County, Ind., by 1821 (when a daughter was born). He was in Will County, Ill., by about 1831, then moved to Washington County about 1835. Deeds in Shenandoah County (where none could be found for Isaac), Champaign County and Bartholomew County are inconclusive as to the dates of Isaac's various moves, but an obituary for a daughter, Lydia (Goble), states she was born in Indiana in 1821, when she was 10 years old she went with her parents to Illinois where she lived for five years, then went to Iowa, where she married David Goble.145 An Iowa atlas says that "Isaac Pence and family settled near Ritchey."146 After Isaac's death, his son Samuel moved to Henderson County, Ill. Samuel's descendants were the last representatives of this Pence family to live in that county.147 Isaac was for some time at the site of the present city of Joliet in Will County, where his daughter Ann was the bride in the first marriage there, apparently on 4 July 1835.148
+45. xiv. Elizabeth Pence was born 22 June 1786 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 14 Apr. 1854 in Champaign County, Oh.149 She apparently had an illegitimate child (see Rhoda Pence, below) before her marriage to John Steinberger about 1809, probably in Champaign County, but no record can be found. He was born 26 Dec. 1783 in Virginia and died 12 Sep. 1851 in Champaign County; both he and his wife are buried in Nettle Creek Cemetery in Mad River Twp., Champaign County.150 He was the son of John Steinberger and Elizabeth Norman and a brother to the wives of John Pence and Benjamin Pence, brothers to Elizabeth.
+46. xv. Benjamin Pence was born 25 Apr. 1787 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 8 Feb. 1875 in Bartholomew County, Ind., where he is buried in Old Union Church Cemetery in German Twp. He married Catherine Steinberger 8 Apr. 1811 in Champaign County, Oh. She was born 25 Apr. 1793 in Virginia and died 15 Mar. 1843 in German Twp., where she is buried with her husband.151 She was the daughter of John Steinberger and Elizabeth Norman. Benjamin was one of three children of Henry2 Pence to marry children of John Steinberger.152 Benjamin was the only one of the Hawksbill group to leave descendants in Bartholomew County.153 [Many descendants still in Bartholomew County, as well as elsewhere in Indiana and some in Arkansas.]
+47. xvi. Mary Pence was born 9 June 1789 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 28 Mar. 1869 in McDonough County, Ill. She is buried near Doddsville in that county. She married William Runkle in 1808 in Urbana, Champaign County, Oh. He was born in 1 Aug. 1784 in Virginia, the son of John Runkle, and died 30 July 1867 in McDonough County, where he is buried with his wife near Doddsville. William Runkle was a tanner and an early and long-time judge in Champaign County. They went to Morgan County, Ill., after 1840, where they settled on a farm, then to another farm in McDonough County, following children to both places. [Descendants in Illinois and west.]
+48. xvii. Reuben Pence was born 28 June 1791 in Shenandoah County, Va., and died 1 Oct. 1840 in Monroe Twp., Miami County, Oh. He married Anne E. Cowhick 27 Aug. 1811 in Champaign County, Oh. She died 3 Dec. 1848 in Monroe Twp. She was the daughter of Patrick Cowhick and Catherine Lawson and a sister of the Elizabeth C. Cowhick who married Reuben's brother Samuel.154 They moved to Miami County in 1821.

Notes and Sources

Note regarding Shenandoah County, Va., and Champaign County, Oh., marriage records in this compilation: Because a great many of the marriages herein took place in either Shenandoah County or Champaign County, individual citations to the marriage records are not given, but are as follows:

Shenandoah County: The county clerk's office in Woodstock has a compiled index to marriage bonds in the county from its inception in 1772 to 1850. The author has copied the Pence marriages from that index and verified them against other sources, including the original bonds. These are the source for all Shen. Co. marriages for which a full date is given in this compilation, unless it is otherwise stated. Records for this county are also available in two publications: Bernice M. Ashby, Shenandoah County, Va., Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850 (Berryville, Va.: Berryville Book Co., 1967); and John Vogt and T. William Keithly, Jr., Virginia Historic Marriage Register: Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850 (Athens, Ga.: Iberian Publishing Co., n.d.).

Champaign County: Marriage Records, Probate Court, Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio 1805 to 1865 In Volumes A, B, C, D, E, F & G, Compiled Under The Direction of The Urbana Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution in 1934 and 1935. Again, where doubts or conflicts arose, the original records were checked for the author by Pat Stickley of the Champaign County Genealogical Society.

As with all indexes, errors have been encountered. For example, the marriage bond for the author's third great grandfather's first marriage to Eve Piper in Shenandoah County is indexed under "John Poentz (Jr.)." The original bond clearly reads "John Pence," although he is joined in signing it by a John Pentz (probably his cousin). Other errors are noted elsewhere in the appropriate notes.

In addition to Pat Stickley, the author is greatly indebted to Denise K. Moore, Gautier, Miss., for her research, insight and knowledge of the many Champaign County families whose names appear herein.

1. Registers of the Reformed Church in Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, Microfilm Rolls No. 0193910 and No. 0193911, Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City (no pagination; entries can be found in chronological order). All birth, baptism, marriage and death dates for this family are taken from these registers. Birth, baptismal and marriage records in these registers were extracted for the International Genealogical Index of the LDS Church by the Genealogical Society of Utah. The registers begin in 1603 (baptisms), 1612 (marriages) and 1620 (burials), with many gaps in the years prior to 1700. The registers prior to 1798 are on the two cited rolls. These microfilmed registers have been carefully examined by Thomas Wolf Noy (whose wife is a descendant of Henry2 Pence's son Reuben), an experienced researcher and one familiar with 18th Century German script. He has verified the accuracy of the IGI extractions and uncovered a few additional details about earlier ancestors. Note that there are at least three gaps in the ages of the seven children given where one would normally expect to find other children, possibly daughters, but none have been located in the registers.

Known children of JohannesA and Susannah Bentz (their parentage is unknown; also note the disparity of ages of these children, so possibly two couples with the same names are involved):
i. Johann Georg1 Bentz was baptized 16 May 1697 Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany.
ii. Susannah Margaretha Bentz was baptized 2 Oct. 1707 at Iggelheim.
iii. Maria Magdalena Bentz was baptized 2 July 1707 at Iggelheim; she was confirmed 9 Feb. 1722 at Iggelheim.
iv. Johann Jacob Bentz was baptized 10 June 1711 at Iggelheim; he was confirmed 21 Apr 1726 at Iggelheim.

2. Iggelheim Registers. Known children of JacobA Bullinger and Anna Katherina Weber (their parents unknown):
i. Anna Barbara Bullinger was born 27 Apr 1698 at Iggelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany.
ii. Anna Margaretha Bullinger was born 18 Apr. 1700 at Iggelheim.
iii. Anna Katherina Bullinger was born 25 May 1702 at Iggelheim; probably died young.
iv. Anna Katherina Bullinger was born 27 Jan. 1704 at Iggelheim.

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7. Shenandoah County, Va., Deed Book C, 223.

8. Shen. Co. DB O, 26 Aug. 1805, 394: John Pence and Elizabeth his wife, of Shenandoah Co., sold the last of his land there. This deed lists how the entire 440 acres of Lewis' original grant were disposed of: 110 acres to Henry Pence, 110 acres to Michael Wise, 40 acres to Joseph Pence, 10 acres to Henry Pence and 6 acres to Rudolph Baker; the remaining 164 acres by this deed to George Rodecap and Joseph Spitler. In a deed dated the previous day, John and Elizabeth sold to Rodecap and Spitler two other tracts of land of 148 acres and 80 acres, these described as being patented to John from the Commonwealth in 1796 and 1799, respectively (DB O, 397). W. H. Beers & Company, The History of Clark County, Ohio (Chicago: 1882), 1002: A biographical sketch of John Kiblinger, a son of Jacob and Mary (Pence) Kiblinger says: "Jacob first visited this county in 1801, and between this date and the year 1805, made four trips from Virginia to this county, assisting in moving several of the Kiblinger and Pence families to their new home." Mary is a daughter of John Pence, son of Lewis2.

9. 1820 United States Census of German Twp., Clark County, Oh., 18. Peter Pence and John Pence Sr. are listed on adjacent lines and Abraham is further down on this same page; it appears that Abraham was enumerated twice, for this name also is on the preceding page 17 with two slight variations in the number of people in each age group. John and his wife were both age 45 and older, with no others in the household.

10. Note that in 1830 a younger John Pence appears in German Twp. for the first time; this was the long-time Clark Co. minister who was a descendant of Valentine Pence of Augusta (Rockingham) Co., Va.

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16. Shenandoah County, Va., marriage records: The county clerk's office in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., has a compiled index to marriage bonds in the county from its inception in 1772 to 1850. The author has copied the Pence marriages from that index and verified them against other sources, including the original bonds. These are the source for all Shenandoah Co. marriages for which a full date is given in this compilation, unless it is otherwise stated. Records for this county are also available in two publications: Bernice M. Ashby, Shenandoah County, Va., Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850 (Berryville, Va., Book Co.: 1967); and John Vogt and T. William Keithly, Virginia Historic Marriage Register: Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850 (Athens, Ga.: Iberian Publishing Co., n.d.). As with all indexes, errors have been encountered. For example, the marriage bond for the author's third great grandfather's first marriage, to Eve Piper, is indexed under "John Poentz (Jr.)," while the original bond clearly reads "John Pence," although he is joined in signing it by a John Pentz (probably his cousin). Other errors are noted elsewhere in this compilation.

17. Beers' Clark Co. Hist., 1002.

18. The children of Jacob and Margaret (Pence) Kiblinger were Daniel, Jacob, Catherine, Eve and Adam. Daniel Kiblinger married Elizabeth Pence on 5 Nov. 1803 in Shenandoah Co.; Jacob Kiblinger married Mary (Polly) Pence on 10 Jan. 1811 in Champaign Co., Oh.; Eve Kiblinger married Peter Pence (from son's family Bible, see write-up on Samuel Pence, chapter 8) about 1819 probably in Clark Co. The three Pences are all believed to be children of John (son of Lewis2) and Elizabeth Pence.

19. Shen. Co. WB A, 198. Frederick and Barbara posted a bond of 3,000. Jacob's valuation was returned as 1,034, 3 shillings and 6 pence (p. 219).

20. Shen. Co. WB E, 65. The will of Barbara Hershberger calls her, first, the widow of Jacob Pence and, second, the widow of Henry Harshbarger, and names her Pence children as Frederick, Lewis, Daniel, Emanuel, Jacob, Barbary Rinker (Kibler?), Mary Hershberger, Susannah Nale, Eave Kevler and Elizabeth Frees.

21. Photocopy of original warrant and survey, filed under Jacob Pence at the Library of Virginia. Jacob was assignee of John Nicholson of Augusta Co., Va. The original warrant was dated 7 July 1749; survey dated 8 Dec. 1749; 262 acres whereon he (Jacob Pence) lives in the fork of the Hawksbill; adjoining John Price and Mungas his brother.

22. Shen. Co. WB E, 65.

23. Birth record from: John T. Humphrey, Birth Index: Southeastern Pensylvania, 1680-1800, Family Archives CD #196 (Fremont, Calif.: Broderbund, Inc., 1997). Death: Cham. Co. WB B, 145-146: Will of Frederick Pence, filed 8 Mar. 1832. Mentions wife and children, not named except for son Martin.

24. She apparently was the widow of Henry Venis, as Frederick Pence posted bond on 11 Apr. 1820 as guardian of Adam Venis, minor heir of Henry Venis, deceased (Cham. Co. Guardian Bonds, Vol 1, 108).

25. See, for example, Shen. Co. DB C, 498.

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27. See note 15.

28. Cham. Co. Probate Records, Vol. 1, 1804-1849, 330: William Runkle gave bond as administrator of the estate of Lewis Pence on 22 Jan. 1833.

29. The index to the marriage bonds in the courthouse in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., and the two publications based on this index are in error that her name was Kiblinger. See Shen. Co. DB M, 9 June 1800, 183, for one of a series of deeds involving the land and family of Henry Kibler. In this one, Mary, Henry's widow, and his children (Adam Kibler and Barbara [Pence] his wife, John Kibler and Eve [Pence] his wife, Martin Kibler and Molly his wife, John Baker and Molly his wife, Lewis Pence and Barbara his wife) conveyed land to Philip Kibler (also a son of Henry, as noted in the next deed the same day; his wife was Catherine). [Lewis Pence signed these deeds in German.]

30. Shen. Co. DB F, 26 Sep. 1787, 458. In a later deed, Lewis sold 129 acres of this land to Emanuel Pence, another son of Jacob2, on 9 June 1800 (DB M, 196), and this deed says the land is "bounded according to division survey which was by the said Frederick Pence conveyed by deed as followeth to Lewis Pence...." A "division" usually signifies that the land was divided to effect the terms of a will or other agreement about the disposition of real estate, indicating a relationship such as being brothers. The grant to Jacob2 was divided exactly in half, with the lower 131 acres of the original 262 being deeded to Lewis. [The remaining two-plus acres that Frederick conveyed to Lewis were sold to Henry2Pence, also on 9 June (Shen. Co. DB M, 197).]

31. Cham. Co. DB E, 366. John Pence to Lewis Pence. Lewis was still in Shenandoah Co. in 1819 (see next note) amd on 16 Apr. 1818 when John Pence and his wife Elizabeth, John Norman (Nowman) and his wife Nancy (a nickname for Ann) and William Runkle and his wife Mary sold the south half of Sec. 36, Twp. 3, Range 11 (Jackson Twp.) to Lewis Pence of "Shenando County," Va. (Cham. Co. DB D, 306) (John, Nancy [Anna] and Mary were all children of Henry2 Pence). Beers' Cham. Co. Hist., 723: Lewis Pence came to the county in 1820. The Centennial History of Champaign County, Ohio (New York & Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1902), 72: In one of the rare mentions of relationships for early Pences in Cham. Co. literature, a write-up on Elijah Pence, grandson of Lewis, states Lewis was an early settler as was John Pence, "who was his cousin."

32. Shen. Co. DB Z, 345, 347, both recorded 22 Sep. 1819; Lewis is said to be of Shen. Co.

33. See note 15.

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39. Ellen T. and David A. Berry (compilers), Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986), 252-253, includes this purchase plus many other Pence purchases at the Cincinnati land office for land in Champaign County as well as in Clark and Shelby counties.

40. 1830 U.S. Cens. of Cham. Co., Mad River Twp., 34. In his household were one male 10-15, two females 10-15, one female 20-30 and one 40-50 (who could be either a daughter or a second wife). Pences listed on that same page in 1830 were Frederic, Adam, Daniel Jr., John, Martin (son of Lewis), Daniel Sen., Henry, Abram, Lewis, Martin and Joseph. On the next page are Elizabeth and David.

41. Cham. Co. DB A, 7 June 1813, 368. Martin Strickler and his wife Ann, of Rockingham Co., sold for $400 the northeast quarter of the west 1/2 of Sec. 23, Twp. 4, Range 11 in Greene Co., land patented to Strickler in 1812 and part of the Virginia Reserve, to Daniel Pence of Greene Co. Note from the description that this land is in Mad River Twp. and not in Greene Co. or the Virginia Reserve. Strickler is shown as holding pre-emption rights on the described half section in Mad River Twp. in 1803 (Denise K. Moore, The Northern Portion of the Proposed John Cleves Symmes "Miami Purchase" of 3 October 1787, Early Ohio Land Owners of Ranges VIII Through XIV, Townships I Through VII [Gautier, Miss.: published by the author, 1991], 30). This land was a part of Greene Co. in that year and apparently Strickler, from his vantage point in Virginia and relying on his original warrant, thought the land was still in Greene Co. when he conveyed it to Daniel; the clerk apparently entered the deed as presented to him.

42. James F. Southerland, Early Kentucky Householders, 1787-1811 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1986), 145, shows Emanuel (sometimes spelled Amanuel) on the tax lists of Lincoln County from 1802 through 1811, which is the last year included in this book. Emanuel appears in the 1810 U.S. Cens. of Lincoln Co. (p. 129), but his wife Catherine is the head of household in 1820 (p. 89); and in 1830 (p. 81).

43. Shen. Co. DB M, 196, purchase from Lewis. DB M, 480, sales to Adam Kibler and Jacob Pence. The fact that Jacob with wife Mary [Coffman} sold this land to Martin Kite on 10 June 1805 identifies him as the son of Henry2. (DB O, 214). This land, part of the grant to Jacob2, was located near the point where the grants to Lewis, Jacob and Henry met.

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46. 1820 U.S. Cens. for Lincoln Co., 89; 1830 U.S. Cens. for Lincoln Co., 81.

47. The number in the family at each census: 1810--three males under 10, one male 10-16, one male 16-26, one male 45 and up; one female under 10, four females 10-16, one female 16-26, one female 45 and up; 1820--one male 10-16, one male 16-18, one male 16-26, two females under 10, one female 10-16, two females 16-26, one female 45 and up; 1830--one male 20-30, one male 30-40, one female 15-20, one female 70-80.

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49. The History of Champaign County, Ohio (Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882), 761. "Buckingham County" likely results from confusion with Rockingham Co., the adjoining county to the south of Shenandoah; perhaps some of the Printz side of the family came from there.

50. 1810 U.S. Cens. of Shen. Co., 15.

51. Wayland, Hist. of Shen. Co., 629. Eva Printz, daughter of Godlove, married Jacob Pence and they were Ohio pioneers of 1819. Shen. Co. DB S, 17 July 1811, 404: Jacob Pence and wife Eve sold an equal undivided sixth part of 280 acres and names her five brothers. The land was conveyed to the six by John Roller and Magdalene, his wife, widow of Godlove Prince (DB S, 7 June 1811, 182).

52. Shen. Co. DB T, 14 Dec. 1811, 408.

53. The recorded version of her mother's will is difficult to read. The name surely looks like Rinker, but it could possibly be Kibler. Remember that a clerk copied from the original into the will book and may have had difficulty reading the name. The author has a series of books by Amelia C. Gilreath which abstract the deeds of Shenandoah Co. and another book by her that abstracts the wills. Although Rinker is one of the most-mentioned names in these books, the indexes of them do not reveal a single Barbara Rinker (wills up through 1850 and deeds through 1820).

54. Amelia C. Gilreath, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Abstract of Wills, 1772-1850 (Nokesville, Va.: published by the author, 1980), 96: Will of Henry Hershberger, dated 1782, proved 28 Feb 1788, WB B, 348. Mentions wife, not named, and children Anna, John, Henry, Abraham, Christian, Samuel, Daniel, David; John and Henry to be bound out and then be put to a trade; Abraham and Christian to receive schooling; likewise David and Daniel to be sent to school. Martin Kauffman and John Hockman were named guardians. David Jordan swore to the translation.

55. 1820 U.S. Cens. of Shenandoah Co., 327.

56. However, Emanuel Pence sold land to Adam Kibler on 7 Sep. 1801 he had purchased from William Nail and Sally, a common diminutive for Sarah, but not Susannah, his wife, on 10 June 1801 (Shen. Co. DB M, 480). [The Nail to Emanuel Pence deed is not in the index to the Shenandoah Co. deeds, nor is it included in Amelia C. Gilreath's book of deed abstracts for that period.]

57. Duane Lyle Borden, Tombstone Inscriptions, Strasburg and Vicinity, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Vol. II (Ozark, Mo.: Yates Publishing Co., 1982), 139-140. Marker placed in the Martin Kibler Cemetery, Kimball, Page Co., Va.: "John Kibler, born ca. 1765, died ca. 1841. He married 30 May 1793 Eva Pence who was born 1770/1780 and died in 1845. Married by Rev. John Countz (Koontz). Eva d/o Jacob Pence & Barbara; with 9 children presumed to be buried here."

58. Scott Co., Ky., WB B, 321. The will book entry is a copy of the original entry, which was damaged in a court house fire and contins some skips and unreadable portions.

59. 1820 U.S. Cens. for Scott Co., 95.

60. 1810 U.S. Cens., Scott Co., Ky., 189. Adam appears with the following family: one male under ten, one over 45; one female under 10 and one over 45. His three older sons all appear in separate households. Adam Jr.'s family (p. 181) includes two males under ten, one over 45; three females under 10 and one 26-45. George's family (p. 191) has five males under ten, one over 45; one female 26-45. John's family (p. 173) has two males under ten, one 26-45; two females under 10, one 10-16, one 26-45. The two children under ten in Adam Sr.'s household were William and Nancy.

61. See note 83.

62. See note 37.

63. Harry M. Strickler, A Short History of Page County, Va. (Richmond: The Dietz Press, Inc., 1952), 389.

64. Scott Co. DB D, 29 Sep. 1831, 149. [The year in this date was difficult to read and may be in error.]

65. Boone Co., Ky., WB E, 513-514: will of John Shaver, written 16 June 1831, filed May term of court, 1851. He provided in his will that any child or grandchild who tried to contest it would receive only $1.00, so it appears the will was left unfiled until Elizabeth's death. A letter to the author from Gladys Boehmer, 8 June 1982, gives his possible place of birth and age, citing census records for the estimated age.

66. Boone Co. WB E, 601-604: List of the sale of John Shaver's personal propert held 21 May 1851, ordered recorded at the January, 1852, term of court; Boone Co. WB F, 211-212: accounting of the estate of John Shaver, as of 31 May 1853, valued at $7,562.85; although this is called a "settlement," there is no indication that anything was paid at this time to the heirs. No other records pertaining to the estate were located.

67. Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry (compiler), Will Records of Ralls County, Missouri. Vol. I, 1824-1872 (Chillicothe, Mo.: published by the author, n.d.) , 41, citing WB 1, 167: the will of Katy Utterback, written 16 Nov. 1855 and proved 8 Sep. 1858, mentions sons Joseph (deceased), Adam, Simeon, Harmon and Abram; daughters Elizabeth Norman, Rebecca Ely and Emily Stevens.

68. From correspondent; verification needed.

69. Goldena Roland Howard, Ralls County History (n.p.: 1980), 435.

70. Scott Co. WB K, 28: States he has previously given his children most of his property and that he has given his son Daniel all that he intends; the residual of his estate should be divided among his other sons.

71. W. M. Paxton, Annals of Platte County, Missouri (Kansas City: Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co., 1897), 419-420. States George married a Brown and gives the children of his sons except for Daniel.

72. Richard H. Pence and Thomas R. Rule posted bond as administrators of the estate of John Pence 30 Apr. 1836. Papers filed with the bond state John Pence left a widow and seven children: Richard H. Pence, Evaline Campbell, Julian Campbell, Clarissa Rule, Emily Bergs, John T. Pence and Harriet L. Ward. Richard, Clarissa, John T. and Evaline are living in Clay Co.; in Jackson Co. are Julian and Emily C.; Harriet L. is in Kentucky. (Information taken from photocopies of original papers filed in Clay Co.)

73. Microfilm No. 971562, Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City: Letter dated 28 Mar. 1912 and signed "commissioner" cites "claim R. File No. 63," says (among other children) that Richard Lightburn (a lieutenant in the Virginia State Navy) had a daughter Sarah who married John Pense and that Richard died at Washington, Mason Co., Ky., in November of 1794; a handwritten addition to this typed letter says that the name of Richard's wife is not stated in the file. Dates for Sarah from correspondent, citing New Hope Cemetery records in the county library at Richmond, Ray Co., Mo.

74. James Wade Emison, The Emison Families (Vincennes, Ind.: J. W. Emison, Jr., 1954), 201.

75. The William who went from Kentucky to Orange Co. and Crawford Co., Ind., was born 1 Jan. 1801 in Kentucky and died - July 1849 in Crawford Co. (1850 Mortality Schedule). He married, first, Mary Crecelious on 6 Nov. 1828 in Crawford Co. and, second, Ellis Winter (Winetur) on 21 Oct. 1832 in Orange Co. Children: Adam (born 1830), Mary (born about 1832, died at birth with mother), Marthina (born 1833), Nancy Jane (born 1835), Thomas W. (born 1836), Barbara (born 1839), Jonathan Jones (born 1842), Mary Elizabeth (born 1844) and John Lawrence (born 1847). Information from a descendant, Max Goble, Port Heuneme, Calif.

76. Henry Pence and his wife, Mary Blimly, are buried in Nettle Creek Church Cemetery southwest of Urbana, Champaign Co., Oh. The author visited this cemetery on 31 May 1970 and copied the inscriptions of the members of the Pence family buried there. Henry’s tombstone at that time read, simply, “Henry Pence, 1740-1826.” That of his wife, a separate stone next to Henry’s, read “Mary Pence, 1749-1829.” These stones may have been replacements for earlier ones, for Kingsley Adolphus Pence, in his definitive book on the descendants of one of Henry’s sons (History of Judge John Pence and Descendants [Denver: 1912]), states on p. 12 that Henry’s tombstone says he died on 1 Mar. 1826, “Aged 86 Years.” Kingsley Pence surmises that this stone, too, may have been erected some years after Henry’s death because the death date is wrong; Henry’s will was proved in Champaign Co. court on 1 Dec. 1824. Kingsley Pence also says that the age at death may also be an error “as family tradition and county histories say he was born in 1740.” Henry’s wife’s inscription is given in this book as “Mary Pence, died Sep. 20, 1829, Aged 80 years,” also different from the inscription copied by the author in 1970. The History of Champaign County, Ohio (Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co, 1881), 724, gives her year of birth as 1746, which appears more in line with the fact that her first child was born in 1766 (although the last of the 17 who survived to adulthood was born in 1791). The author has relatively recent photographs of this couple’s tombstones and they show only the years of birth and death, as he had copied them.

77. Cham. Co. WB B, 47. The will of Henry Pence, dated 10 Apr. 1820, filed 1 Dec. 1824:

My beloved son-in-law John Norman all my land on which I now live containing one hundred and thirty-five acres; Norman to pay my son Benjamin Pence five hundred dollars, and six hundred and seventy-five dollars to my other children within five years after the death of my self and wife as follows, to Jacob Pence my eldest son, two dollars, to the heirs of my son Samuel Pence, dec'd, two dollars and the balance of the six hundred and seventy five dollars the said Norman is to pay in equal proportion to the other children Henry Pence, Abraham Pence, John Pence, David Pence, Joseph Pence, Isaac Pence, Rubin Pence, Susannah Jenkins, Anna Norman, Elizabeth Stoneberger, Mary Runkle and the two sons of Barbary Stewart dec'd, Joseph Rosenbarger and Henry Steward which two boys to have one equal share between them.

78. Beers' Cham. Co. Hist., 724.

79. Letter to the author from Jan Cutsinger, St. Charles, Mo., 7 Aug. 1978.

80. Family group sheet dated 5 Mar. 1984 prepared by Robert J. Runkle, Peoria, Ill., a copy of which he sent to the author.

81. K. A. Pence, Judge John Pence, 12.

82. ------, 99 (title sheet lost; seeking new one) This story is also repeated in Dicey's obituary, although this version does not say it was her maternal grandmother: "Her grandparents came from Germany. Her grandmother was but a child when the journey was made across the deep and her parents died on the voyage. She was then adopted by a family on the ship and went with them to Pennsylvania, their descendants moving to Virginia and finally to Ohio." (Jacksonville [Ill.] Daily Journal, 23 Jan. 1912.)

83. Photocopy of the original warrant and survey, filed under Henry Pence at the Library of Virginia. Henry Pence, in his own right and as assignee of Adam Pence, both assignees of John Walker of Augusta Co., Va. (in warrant of 4 Jan. 1749/50) and of Orange Co., Va. (in survey of 17 Mar. 1750); grant for 474 acres “at rich Mountain and the head of Hawksbill” adjoining John Price, John Nicholson, Jno. Baylis and Jacob Okerboker [Offenbacker]. In October of 1760 John Walker sold to Adam and Henry Pence and Adam relinquished his right to Henry. “Rich Mountain” has not been located on any map, giving rise to consideration that it may have been a corruption of “Ridge Mountain” and was intended to convey that the land was at the foot of a mountain of the Blue Ridge. Topographic maps show the foot of a mountain, unnamed, at the southeast corner of Henry’s grant.

84. The Ohio DAR News, Dec., 1971, "Henry Pence, Rev. Soldier," by Lucy Blose Lutz, 13-14. This is an article on the placing of a Revolutionary War veteran's plaque on Henry Pence's grave. See also note 15.

85. There are two old lists giving the births of the children of Henry Pence and Mary Blimly. The dates on both lists match quite accurately the dates of several of the children obtained from other sources.

The first list discovered was made early this century by Mary Catherine Pence, a granddaughter of Henry's son Benjamin, in Bartholomew Co., Ind. A copy of the list was placed in K. A. Pence's Judge John Pence in the Indiana State Library 15 Apr. 1933 by Charles Pence, a grandson of Henry's son Benjamin. Charles' son, Roger, sent a handwritten copy to the author in 1971 and in July of 1972 Roger accompanied the author to view the list, which had been copied into the back of an old ledger book by Mary C. Pence. Roger Pence wrote that it was copied from a record included in family papers given Mary C. by her grandfather. The ledger, which has the date 14 June 1910 along with Mary C. Pence's name and address at that time, was in the possession of her nephew, Frank (Benamin Franklin) Roupp, Rt. 2, Edinburg, German Twp., Bartholomew Co. At this writing (Nov. 1996), children of Frank Roupp seem not to know where the ledger might be.

Following the birth date of each child is inscribed a zodiac sign. The dates of birth do not correspond to the normal dates associated with these signs. It is believed that the signs are "moon signs" similiar to those still found on some calendars. The early German immigrants used these signs as a guide to when to plant certain crops. (Samples of these can be found in, for instance, The Farmers Almanac.) Comparision of the signs with the signs for the dates involved (calculated with a computer program) shows that at least 12 of them correlate to these signs. All of these children no doubt were born near the Little Hawksbill Creek just east of the present-day town of Stanley in Page Co., Va.; however, because of county boundary development, the first five were born in then-Frederick Co. and the rest in then-Shenandoah Co. Following is the family record sent to the author by Roger Pence, who copied it from his father's list. The author has verified it against the list Mary C. Pence placed in the ledger book.

Family Record of Henry Pence

This record was copied from the family record loaned to my father by Mary Catherine Pence, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Pence, son of Benjamin Pence, son of Henry Pence, whose German name was Heinrich Bentz. Henry Pence and Mary Flowers came from Germany to the United States about the year 1760 [incorrect as to Henry, but perhaps correct for Mary] and were married in Virginia.

Births of Children

  1. George Pence, born August 16 - 1766 Sign - Goat
  2. Jacob Pence, born September 15 - 1767 Sign - Crab
  3. Henry Pence, born September 4 - 1768 Sign - Twins
  4. Abram Pence, born September 7 - 1769 Sign - Fish
  5. Magdalene Pence, born January 31 - 1771 Sign - Lion
  6. Susannah Pence, born July 4 - 1772 Sign - Crab
  7. John Pence, born January 15 - 1774 Sign - Fish
  8. Barbara, born November 2 - 1775 Sign - Fish
  9. David Pence, born February 4 - 1777 Sign - Goat
  10. Joseph Pence, born September 26 - 1778 Sign - Fish
  11. Samuel Pence, born February 4 - 1780 Sign - Water-man
  12. Anna Pence, born October 10 - 1781 Sign - Goat
  13. Isaac Pence, born July 23 - 1784 Sign - Virgo
  14. Elizabeth Pence, born June 22 - 1786 Sign - Fish
  15. Benjamin Pence, born April 25 - 1787 Sign - Lion
  16. Mary Pence, born June 9 - 1789 Sign - Fish
  17. Reuben Pence, born June 28 - 1791 Sign - Ox

The second list of these children appeared in the Citizen, a newspapter in Champaign Co. in 1879, as follows:


TREMONT CITY, O., July 22, 1879 - MESSRS. EDITORS: You will confer a special favor upon not only the writer, but a very large circle of friends and relatives, by giving publicity to the following genealogical record of the Pence family. While on a visit to David Pence, of Madriver township, the writer obtained from Mr. Pence the family record; which was commenced 118 years ago. Henry Pence, the father, and Mary Blimly, the mother, emigrated from Germany in their youth. Henry Pence was born A. D. 1740, just 36 years prior to the Declaration of American Independence, and died A. D. 1826, being 86 years old at his death. Mary Pence died A. D. 1829 in her 80th year. Their family consisted of nineteen children, two of whom died in infancy, and whose names are not given. The other seventeen grew to man and womanhood, were all married, and together with their wives and husbands were at one time gathered around the family board during the lifetime of both parents. The record is in the German language, but was translated by the Rev. John Pence, as follows, giving their births in their respective order: George, August 16, 1766; Jacob, Sept. 15, 1767; Henry, Jan. 4, 1768; Abraham, Sept. 7, 1769; Magdalena, Jan. 3, 1771; Susannah, June 4, 1772; John, Jan. 15, 1774; Barbary, Nov. 2, 1775; David, Feb. 4, 1777; Joseph, Sept 26, 1778; Samuel, Feb. 4, 1780; Anna, Oct. 10, 1781; Isaac, July 21, 1784; Elizabeth, Feb. 22, 1786; Benjamin, April 25, 1787; Mary, June 9, 1789; Reuben, June 28, 1791. The original name was Bentz, but by reason of the German dialect the name stands as above. I will not trespass upon your indulgence by giving anything additional at present.

Yours truly, S. H. Wallace

Note that there are five minor differences in the two lists, no doubt the result of copying errors in one or both lists:

  1. Henry, 4 Sep. 1768 in list 1; 4 Jan. 1768 in list 2 (exactly eight months).
  2. Magdalene, 31 Jan. 1771 in list 1; 3 Jan. 1771 in list 2 (28 days).
  3. Susannah, 4 July 1772 in list 1; 4 June 1772 in list 2 (exactly one month).
  4. Isaac, 23 July 1784 in list 1; 21 July 1784 in list 2 (two days).
  5. Elizabeth, 22 June 1786 in list 1; 22 Feb. 1786 (exactly four months).

David Pence, in whose possession the Ohio record was in 1879 was the son of Henry's son Abraham. It was doubtless David who provided the list of children (without birthdates) that appears in Beers' history of Champaign Co. The Rev. John Pence, who translated the Ohio list, was a long-time Lutheran minister in Clark Co., Oh., and was a great grandson of Valentine Pence of Augusta (now Rockingham) Co., Va., and unrelated to the Hawksbill Pences.

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88. Shen. Co. OB, 1809-1830, 31.

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90. Shen. Co. OB, 1809-1830, 71.

91. Barbara Harnsbarger is identified as the wife of Daniel when they sold land in Culpepper Co., Va., that Barbara had inherited from her grandfather, John Harnsbarger. (Culpepper Co. DB F, 96). John Harnsbarger's will was dated 15 Jan. 1759 and proved 20 May 1760. (Culpepper Co. WB A, 212) and identifies Barbara as the daughter of John's son Stephen Harnsbarger. However, note that when Daniel Mauck made his will on 6 Oct. 1802 (Shen. Co. WB F, 59; proved 10 Jan. 1803) he named Rebecca as his wife and listed his sons as Joseph, Abraham, David, Robert, Daniel and Jacob and his ddaughters as Catharina, Elizabeth, Maria, Barbara and Anna. Rebecca Mauck made her will on 5 Jan. 1805 (WB F, 301; proved 11 Mar. 1805) and named only sons Joseph and Robert. Thus it appears that Daniel was married twice and either of these wives could have been the mother of Mary and her sister Elizabeth, who married Abraham Pence.

92. 1810 U.S. Cens. of Shen. Co., 15.

93. Shen. Co. WB F, 59. Will of Daniel Mauck, written 6 Oct. 1802, proved 10 Jan. 1803; codicil dated 2 Jan. 1803 says that no part of his daughter Maria's portion is to fall into the hands of George Pence, her present husband.

94. Shen. Co. DB S, 200, 10 June 1811: Be it remembered that I John Pence of the County of Champaign and State of Ohio have this day settled and adjusted all accounts amicably with Mary Pence, widow and relict of my brother George Pence, deceased, as it respects her dower and although in the execution of adjustments we have not consulted or strictly attended to the letter of the law, yet this instrument of writing sealed with my seal and dated 31st day of Dec., 1810, shall wipe away all errors inlaw and fully indemnify the said Mary Pence from all and every claim or shadow of claim that now or hereafter could be exhibited by me or the heirs of George Pence, deceased, or against her or anything she now has or hereafter may have of the estate of her deceased father or the above named dowry. Signed, John Pence; witnesses: Abraham Spittleman, John Magert, Joseph Mauk.

95. Shen. Co. DB AA, 631: indenture dates 28 July 1821 and ordered recorded 13 Aug. 1821.

96. As shown by deed records, Mary, the wife of Christian Maggart was the widow of Henry Neesley, who had died by 1782. Shen Co. DB Q, 446 (this is second page numbered 446), 16 Dec. 1802, recorded Apr. court, 1809: Abraham Neesley, oldest son and heir of Henry Neesley, deceased, and Christian and Mary Maggart, called widow of Henry Neesley, sold land to George Prince. Abraham bought this land in 1782 from Barbara Pence (widow of Jacob2) and Frederick3and Mary Pence, his wife (Shen. DB C, 198, written 29 Aug. 1782).

97. See Note 77 for a copy of Henry's will.

98. Cham. Co. Admin. Bonds, Vol. I, 1804-1849, 292: Joseph Pence gave bond as administrator of the estate of Jacob Pence, deceased, on 20 Nov. 1828. 1828. Early Vital Records, Ohio: Champaign County, Ohio, Vol. I (Urbana, Oh.: Urbana Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1973), 94, Steinberger Cemetery: Jacob Pence died 12 June 1828, aged 60 years, 8 months and 27 days; Mary, wife of Jacob Pence, died 26 Jan. 1816, aged 38 years.

99. The Rev. Martin Coffman (Kaufman) supposedly married twice, the first time to Mary Lionberger, the daughter of John, and the second time to Mary Taylor (alias Snyder), who some say is the mother of the two daughters who married Pences. Joseph William Coffman (born 1829) taught school in Urbana Twp., Champaign Co., in 1855-1867 and kept a diary, a copy of which is in the library in Urbana. In it he states that he was the son of Benjamin Coffman (1797-1862) and Anna Grove and the grandson of Martin Kaufman and Mary Lionberger. In his diary, Joseph refers often to "Aunt M. Pence" (either Mary, wife of Jacob, or Magdalene, wife of Jacob's brother Joseph), a Jacob Pence, whom he calls his "employer," "cousin A. Pence" and "cousin Jacob Pence." Since both Mary Coffman and her sister Magdalene were Joseph Coffman's aunts and since they were born prior to the above-named Benjamin Coffman, this would indicate that Mary Lionberger, rather than Mary Taylor, was the mother of the two daughters who married Pence brothers.

100. Cham. Co. WB B, 336-338. Will of Henry Pence, filed 15 Oct. 1844. Mentions wife Eve, daughters Mary Jane (Kiblinger) and Susannah (wife of Daniel Blose), sons Joseph and Henry, and heirs of Anna, deceased, unnamed.

101. She is described as daughter of John Koontz on the marriage bond. Lowell L. Koontz, History of the Descendants of John Koontz (Parsons, W. Va.: McLain Printing Company, 1979), 8, has a copy of the will of John Koontz, written 12 Mar. 1807 and filed 28 May 1832 (Page Co., Va., WB A, 26-27). In it, Elder Koontz says: "As to my daughter, Elizabeth, which is now dead I have had given her in her lifetime all which I intended to give her or her heirs;..." Two witnesses of this will were Christian Aleshire, father-in-law of Isaac Pence, and Joseph Mauck, brother-in-law to George and Abraham Pence, all sons of Henry2. Lowell Koontz also states, p. 4, that the wife of Elder Koontz was Elizabeth Baker and that her father came from England.

102. Tombstone inscriptions for Henry and his wife Eve were copied by the author on 31 May 1970. Henry's says he died 11 Aug. 1844, age 76 years; Eve's says she died 7 Dec. 1861, aged 82 years, 2 months and 7 days.

103. See Shen. Co. DB X, 150 (deed dated __ day of ___ 1815 (sic), recorded 8 Oct. 1816), where Henry and Eve Pence, of Champaign Co., transfer land and mention her father, Daniel Snyder, and the names of her siblings. The will of Daniel Snyder Senior, written 17 Nov. 1812 and filed 11 May 1829, mentions his wife Elizabeth, sons Martin, Daniel and John; daughters Katherine Kibler, Eve Pence and Elizabeth Kibler (WB P, 103, as cited in Amelia C. Gilreath, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Abstracts of Wills, 1772-1850 [Nokesville, Va.: Published by the author, 1980], 207). In a deed filed 17 June 1815, Daniel and Barbara conveyed their one-fifth portion of some of Daniel, Sr.'s land to his brother John. (Shen. Co. DB W, 319, as cieted in Gilreath, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Deed Books W and X, 1815-1817, Abstracted [Nokesville, Va.: published by the author, 1994], 52.)

104. Cham. Co. WB B, 175-178. Will of Abraham Pence, written 19 Jan. 1833, filed 13 June 1838.

105. Nettle Creek tombstone inscriptions for Pence family members were copied by the author 31 May 1970; none was noticed for Abraham. Also, Moore's Cham. Co. Records 2 has records for Nettle Creek Cemetery and has no mention of Abraham. There is, however, a photograph of Abraham's tombstone among those collected by Beatrice Carson for her Pence Descendants, bearing his name and the dates (1769-1838) and she states it was in Nettle Creek Cemetery. See Carson, Pence Descendants, 23c.

106. Moore, Cham. Co. Records 2, 19. Her stone gives her date of death and her age as 82 and 9 days.

107. See note 93.

108. Beers' Cham. Co. Hist., 405.

109. That statute had its basis in a provision of the Northwest Ordinance of 13 July 1787 and provided that a widow was to get one-third of the real estate for life and one-third of the personal property. The Northwest Ordinance was the first U.S. document which gave ascendancy to equal distribution of property among heirs, itself a rebellion against the primogeniture inheritance laws of England. The Congress made it the first provision of the Ordinance, which also was an important document because it prohibited slavery in the territory and set up the governing and judicial systems so familiar in the nation today:

Be it ordained by the authority aforesaid, that the estates of resident and nonresident proprietors in the said territory, dying intestate, shall descend to, and be distributed among their children, and the descendants of a deceased child, in equal parts; the descendants of a deceased child or grandchild to take the share of their deceased parent in equal parts among them: and where there shall be no children or descendants then in equal parts to the next of kin, in equal degree; and among collateral, the children of a deceased brother or sister of the intestate shall have, in equal parts among them their deceased parents' share and there shall in no case, be a distinction between kindred of the whole and half blood; saving in all cases to the widow of the intestate, her third part of the real estate for life, and one-third part of the personal estate; and this law relative to descent and dower, shall remain in full force until altered by the legislature of the district. (Thomas Aquinas Burke, Ohio Lands, A Short History (Columbus: The Ohio Auditor of State, 1987), 18.)

110. The real estate was the northeast quarter of section 10 in Twp. 4, Range 11 (Mad River) and an adjoining 100 acres in the northwest quarter of the township. David was to get the south half and Abraham the north half.

111. Beers' Cham. Co. Hist., 724.

112. Moore, Cham. Co. Records 2, 43: Susannah Jenkins, wife of Thos., died 21 May 1853, age 81 years, 11 months and 16 days (the citation has a question mark following the 16 days). There is no stone for Thomas given.

113. Note that this date is four days after a bond was issued to a Benjamin Maggert to marry a Susannah Pence. While the bond states Susannah was the daughter of "Ludwig and Mirvin," this is apparently some sort of clerical error, for the records clearly show that the Susannah who married Benjamin Maggart was the daughter of Henry. The May 6 marriage date is from Carson, Pence Descendants, 26. A note from another correspondent says that the marriage of Susannah to Benjamin Maggert was conducted on the May 6 date by Elder John Koontz, a definite indication that this is the marriage of Henry's daughter. This Susannah is, however, definitely the one who married Benjamin Maggert (see next note).

114. Shen. Co. WB F, 384: Will of Benjamin Maggert, written 5 Sep. 1805, proved 9 Dec. 1805; he named as executors Christian Alshite (Alshire) and Thomas Newman (Norman), both of whom had children who married children of Henry2 Pence.

115. Shen. Co. DB Z, 508, recorded 8 Feb. 1820.

116. Shen. Co. WB A, 78: Will of David Maggert, written 23 Dec. 1770, proved 23 May 1775.

117. Cham. Co. DB G, 61, executed 27 Apr. 1825 and recorded 27 June 1825 "... by Henry Pence & Eve, his wife, of the one part and Joseph Maggart of the State of Virignia, son of Benjamin Maggart, dec'd of the other part ... Witnesseth that agreeable to the last will and Testament of Benjamin Maggart dec'd 70 acres & 120 poles of the west side of south-east quarter of Section 34 Township 3 Range 11, patented to Henry Pence on 19 July 1824...." Joseph may have later gone to Allegheny Co, Va.

118. Beers' Cham. Co. Hist., 714.

119. Denise K. Moore, The Jenkins Family of Champaign County, Ohio (Gautier, Miss.: published by the author, 1990), 1.

120. His tombstone, copied by the author in July, 1987, says he died 20 Sep. 1841, age "66 years." This information can also be found in Virginia Ross and Jane Evans, Henderson County, Illinois, Cemetery Records, Vol. 2 (Owensboro, Ky.: McDowell Publishing, 1981), 141. John’s date of birth is given as 15 Jan. 1776 in a Henderson County history (History of Mercer and Henderson Counties [Ill.] [Chicago: H. H. Hill and Co., 1882], 870). The 1774 date is contained in the record of Henry Pence’s children obtained from family records in both Champaign and Bartholomew counties (see note 85). Also, it appears from the Shenandoah County record that John Pence was at least 21 years old in 1795 when he gave bond on Dec. 8 for his marriage to Eve Piper. Had he not been of age 21, his father’s consent would have been required. John’s remains were removed from his farm to Rozetta Cemetery about 1862 and no doubt the tombstone was erected at that time or later, thus accounting for a possible error. See K. A. Pence, Judge John Pence, 20, which relates that the author was present when the body of John3 Pence was moved from its burial spot at his farm to the church cemetery. (A compilation of Henderson County cemetery inscriptions states that his first resting place was in the Wells Cemetery, which was on the farm of his son-in-law and daughter, Thomas Doolittle and Elizabeth (Pence) Wells, in Sec. 13 of Oquawka Twp., Henderson County, but no authority for this is stated [Virginia Ross and Evans, Hend. Co. Cem. Inscriptions, Vol.. I (Oquawka, Ill.: Henderson County Genealogical Society, 19xx), ??].)

121. Infornmation on the Records family contained in unidentified material sent the author reveal the following about James Records. He was born 25 July 1795 in Kentucky and moved to Ohio and Indiana with his parents. He was the son of Spencer Records and Elizabeth Elrod. His parents moved from Pendleton Co., Ky., to Ross Co., Oh., in 1800 and a few years later to a portion of Adams Co., Oh., that became a part of Brown Co. In 1821 the family moved to Bartholomew Co., Ind., where James died 23 Sep. 1823; buried in Old Union Cemetery, German Twp., Bartholomew Co. He married Elizabeth Heaton 23 Oct 1820 in Ohio (probably Brown Co.). [This acccount erroneously states that she married Robert Pence and moved in 1828 to Henderson Co., Ill., and in 1875 to California.] After James' death Tunis Quick was named guardian for the children. The sons of James and Elizabeth (Heaton) records were:
i. Thomas Burges Records was born 29 Aug. 1821 in Brown Co., Oh., and moved to Ind. with parents in 1821. After his father's death, he moved with his stepfather and mother to Henderson Co., Ill. In 1876 he moved to California, where he died 21 Mar. 1900. In California, he raised grain and stock, set out an orchard and was a school trustee. He married Mary Short 1 Apr. 1847. She was born 15 Jan 1828 in Perry Co., Ind., the daughter of Stephen Short and Agnes Prunty. Mary died 10 Mar. 1920. They had 12 children (their names are given in this information).
ii. Spencer T. Records was born 13 Dec. 1822 in Bartholomew Co., Ind., and died 16 Aug. 1881; buried in Rozetta Baptist Cemetery. He moved to Henderson Co. at age 6 or 7 with his mother and stepfather, John Pence. At the age of twenty-two he went to Oquawka, where he began clerking in the Phelp store, where he remained until 1852, when he operated a grocery store in Oquawka; in 1855 he sold out, and purchased a 160-acre farm in Rozetta Twp. In 1878 he left farming and established a general merchandise store in Rozetta, which he operated for a few years until retiring. He married Tacy C. Conger in October, 1848. She was the daughter of Enoch and Eunice (Beach) Conger (and sister to the second wife of Robert Titus Pence, his step-brother). They had five children: Azro1 M. (to Iowa), Mabel (died in infancy); Thomas E. (to Kansas); Annie E. (married J. H. Smith of Rozetta) and Tunis C. Records (to Glenwood, Ia.). (From his biography in Hist. of Mercer and Hend. Counties, 474.)

122. Ross and Evans, Henderson Co.Cemetery Records, Vol. 2, 141: PENCE, Elizabeth wife of J. diet Aug 15, 1843, 42 y.

123. A message from Dean Heaton in November, 1997, gave Thomas and Susan as her parents and stated he was born in Harper's Ferry and moved from there to Brown County, Oh., in 1812. Records family information places her first husband, James Records, in Brown County in 1820, the year of his marriage to Elizabeth.

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127. Ibid.

128. Strickler, Hist. of Page Co., 272-284, has a history of the Ruffner family, as does Strickler, A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Family, Their Kith and Kin (Harrisonburg, Va.: C. J. Carrier Company, 1977), 254-256. For additional details on the Ruffner family, see Doris Laver Ruffner and Oliver Taylor Ruffner, Peter Ruffner and His Descendants, 1966. David Pence's family is treated on 203. Fairfield Genealogical Society, Cemeteries of Pleasant Township, 95: Gives Emanuel's wife's name as Magdalene Grove.

129. See note 126.

130. Information on Katherine Rose Grove from Elaine Lionberger (editor), Lionberger Family Newsletter, Vol. III, No. 2, April, 1987: 13.

131. A more complete history of this church and the circumstances leading to the split in the congregation is given in an appendix to the full compilation.

132. Cham. Co. WB C, 154. Will of Joseph Pence, written 22 Mar. 1855, filed 13 Aug. 1855: wife Magdalena; son Joseph; Maria Fleming, daughter of Logan Co., Ill.; grandchildren, Sarah, Isaac and Isabell Newell, children of Rebecca, daughter, deceased; son Alexander; daughter Maria, land in Logan Co., 200 acres, her husband George Fleming; daughter Elizabeth Newell; daughter Jane; daughter Matilda Bell [Bull].

133. Urbana DAR, Early Vital Records of Cham. Co., 92. His inscription: "Joseph Pence, d. July 6, 1855, age 76 yr., 9 mo., 18 da." Her inscription: "Magdalene Pence, d. Jan. 6, 1872 in her 94th year." The birth dates of all of their children, although not all are buried there, appear on a monument in this cemetery.

134. See discussion concerning the mother of the Coffman sisters in note 99.

135. Cham. Co. WB A, 51. Will of Samuel Pence, written 20 Feb. 1815, recorded 13 June 1815; mentions wife Elizabeth, children Tabitha, David and John.

136. Photocopy of a diary kept by Elizabeth (Cowhick) Scholl, daughter of Thomas Cowhick (see later in this note), sent the author by Mary Alice (Cowhick) Tuxhorn of Edinburg, Ill., 2 Sep. 1996; she said there are copies of this diary in the library in Portland, Ore., and at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Ut. Elizebeth (Cowhick) Scholl listed her father's sisters as "Anna E. married Reuben Pence, Betsy C. married Samuel Pence & he died and she married John ?; Margaret C. married Mr. Demoss(?); Sally C. married Moses Harlan (or Karlan?)." Patrick and Catherine (Lawson) Cowhick have not been located in the records of Cham. Co.; the following records relating to their son, Thomas, are the only mentions of the name other than the marriage of the two daughters to Pences. Thomas Cowhick had pre-emption rights to a quarter of land in Urbana Twp. and another in Mad River Twp. in 1803 (Denis e K. Moore, The Northern Portion of the Proposed John Cleves Symmes "Miami Purchase" of 3 October 1787, Early Ohio Land Owners of Ranges VIII Through XIV, Townships I Throuh VII [Gautier, Miss.: published by the author, 1991], 30, 32. Cowhick never recorded either tract. The Urbana Twp. quarter was owned by Jacob Pence when it is first mentioned in the records (Cham. Co. DB E, - Dec. 1818, 8); the Jackson Twp. quarter was patented by Thomas Anderson as assignee of Thomas Cowhick (Cham. Co. DB T, 89). Cowhick is described as being of Greene County (parent county of Champaign, not yet organized) when purchasing the Urbana Twp. quarter on 28 Dec. 1804 and of Champaign County when purchasing the Jackson Twp. quarter on 14 Sep. 1805 and 12 Dec. 1810 (Berry, Early Ohio Settlers). In a suit filed in September, 1809, Thomas Cowhick and Lucy, his wife (identified as Lucy Adamson in the Elizabeth Scholl journal), sought $125 damages from William Chapman and Hannah, his wife, for falsely accusing Lucy of having a bastard before she married Cowhick (Cham. Co. Court of Common Pleas Record Book, 1805-1810, 208). There is also an earlier suit of an undetermined nature involving this couple.

137. Cham. Co. Chancery Court Book 4, 171-174, Henry Pence Sr. vs. Joseph Pence, Elizabeth Donavin & John Donavin, Executors of Samuel Pence.

138. Letter to the author from Jan Cutsinger, St. Charles, Mo., 23 Aug. 1978.

139. Ohio DAR News, March-April, 1971: 15. Contains a brief discussion of this family.

140. Barth. Co. DB A, 410. (Note that this could be John Norman, son of John and Anna.)

141. History of Will County, Illinois (Chcago: William Le Baron, Jr., & Co., 1878), 246. In addition to John and Joseph Norman, who could be father and son or brothers and sons of John and Anna, Isaac and Samuel Pence are mentioned; they are father and son (see later). Also at Joliet early was Robert Stevens and his wife, Lydia Pence, the daughter of John, son of Henry2 (p. 720). K. A. Pence, Judge John Pence, 18, says also that John Pence stopped at the site of Joliet, perhaps only briefly, then pushed on to the Mississippi River; however the chronlogy of his and his relatives' travels seems to preclude that.

142. Hist. of Will Co., 251, 375, says John Norman, but on p. 502 it says the mill was built by Joseph Norman in 1834.

143. The author has photos of the separate tombstones of Isaac and his wife, taken in 1966 by Richard W. Nash, a descendant of Isaac, and a second set, taken in 1982 by Marilyn Bone, whose husband (Larry) is a descendant of Isaac. His stone reads: "Isaac Pence, died April 7, 1854, in the 71 yr of his age." Hers reads: "Susanna, wife of Isaac Pence, died Mar. 31, 1851, in the 68 yr of her age."

144. Their marriage bond states she is the daughter of Christian and Christina Aleshire; the surname of Christina is from a descendant and unverified. Shen. Co. DB GG, 24 Sep. 1827, 101, gives children of Christian Aleshire (as reported in Carson, Pence Descendants, 105).

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147. Letters from Richard W. Nash, Tucson, Ariz., a descendant of Isaac, to Monroe C. Pence, Mountain View, Calif., 29 Sep. 1963 and 19 Apr. 1964. Nash was a native of Henderson Co. A descendant of Samuel, James Pence of Champaign, Ill., states that he lived in Henderson County as a youth (e-mail exchange, 1996).

148. George H. Woodruff, Forty Years Ago: A Contribution to the History of Joliet and Will County, (Joliet: James Goodspeed at the Republican Steam Printing House, 1874), 40. Hist of Will Co., 376, says the wedding was in 1835, and adds that, although not on the program, was part of the first Fourth of July celebration in Joliet.

149. Death date and husband's dates from Carson, Pence Descendants, 49.

150. Moore, Cham. Co. Records 2, 23. Her stone gives her age at death 78 years. His gives his age at death as 67 years, 8 months and 17 days.

151. The records in a family Bible of a son of Benjamin and Catherine (Steinberger) Pence, examined and copied by the author in July, 1972, then in the possession of Frank Roup, Rt. 2, Edinburg, Bartholomew Co., give his date of birth as 25 Apr, 1787, and hers as "the year of 1793." Their date of marriage is given as 8 Apr. 1811. Her tombstone, partly illegible, in Old Union Church Cemetery says she was the wife of Benjamin and died 25 Mar. 184- "in the 50th year of her life." His stone reads "Benjamin Pence, died Feb. 8, 1875, aged 87 years, 9 months and 13 days." On the other side of this stone it says: "Catherine, wife of Benjamin Pence, died Mar. 15, 1843, aged 50 years." (Stones copied by the author in July, 1972.) The list of their children in the Bible shows they were in Bartholomew Co. on 23 Mar. 1821 when their fourth child was born.

152. John Steinberger is buried, along with many of his descendants, in the Steinberger Cemetery in German Twp., Bartholomew Co. County records show that John Pence was made administrator of his estate on 11 Oct. 1821 and filed a report 25 Aug. 1828. There are two markers for John Steinberger in the cemetery, one a Revolutionary veteran's marker citing his service in Michael Reader's company and giving his years of birth and death as 1760-1821 and another relatively new stone (in July, 1972, when copied by the author), which says "Revolutionary War, Va." and gives the years as 1760-1823. The first-mentioned marker inexplicably has the middle initial "O." in his name. There appears to be no marker for his wife (or wives; he apparently married twice, the second time to an Elizabeth Friermood).

153. Today in Bartholomew County there are representatives of three other nonrelated groups of Pences.

154. See note 136.