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Jon's Pipe Shop is known throughout the country for our wide selection of Imported and Premium pipe and cigarette tobaccos as well as our Private House Mixtures. We divide our 24 Private House pipe tobaccos into three main categories: Aromatics, Natural, and Latakia mixtures.

The Aromatics are the most popular. They are the sweetest, generally the mildest, and are the most fragrant. The aromatics include---- Aperitif: Amaretto and Sambucca Cavendishes balanced for aroma and flavor. Baker's Mix: Burley, Vanilla Cavendish, Cherry Cavendish, for a sweet, full bodied experience. Black Cavendish : Pure black, slow burning, sweet flavor of Vanilla Bean. Champagne: Black and Gold Cavendishes with an added hint of fruit...light, dry, hint of sweetness. Cumberland Gap: Burley, Black Cavendish,, sweet, and smooth. Highland Whiskey: A medium strength Cavendish with smooth, peaty, whiskey notes. Irish Sea: Refreshing as the East Coast of Ireland, Toasted Cavendish, Golden Virginias, a hint of Nougat to seal the deal. Majestic: Golden Cavendish with a hint of Cherry. Orchard: Cherry, Mango, Peach, and a touch of Strawberry...if you love aromatic fruit! Oak Park: Maryland, Burley, Black and Gold Cavendish...extremely smooth, slightly 'heady'. Our most popular aromatic blend is Sable, a mixture of Vanilla cased Black Cavendish, Maryland, and mellow Virginias.

The Naturals are more subtle in sweetness, generally richer in tobacco flavor, lighter in aroma, and tend to smoke drier in the pipe. The naturals include ----- Barrister's Blonde: Medium strenghth blend of Virginias, Maryland and Burley... Burley Blend: Five Burleys blended for mildness and lack of bite. A tobacco you can smoke all day, keep a clear head, enjoy dinner, and awake the next day with all your taste buds intact. Java: An intriguing mixture of Coffee Cavendish, Cigar Leaf, Burley, and a touch of Chocolate. Roy's Ribbon: Red Virginia and Maryland, a little 'heady' but extra aged for maturity and smoothness. Stonehenge: Toasted African, Virginia, and Turkish...exotic, a little spicy, medium strength. Windy City: Complex mixture of Toasted Cavendish, Virginia, Burley, Maryland, Gold Cavendish with a hint of spice.

Finally we come to the Latakia mixtures. They are less sweet and have a smokier flavor and aroma due to the smoke curing of the Latakia leaves. These are the driest smoking----- Dakota: Old Style Cube Cut Burley, Flaked Virginia, Granulated Perique, Turkish, and Latakia...slow burning, spicy, flavorful. Garvey's Balkan: Named after the founder of the Illini Jazz Program...Burley, Red Virginia, Perique, Turkish, and 25% Latakia! Our most popular Latakia Mixture. Hatch's Choice: Named for our favorite LAS Dean...Smooth, aged Golden Virginia, Turkish, and Latakia...less 'heady' and distinctly Anglo-Irish in style. Knightly News: A Latakia mixture but moderated with toasted Cavendish to soothe the spice and aroma. Smoking Mixture: Red Virginia, Turkish, Perique, and 50% Latakia! Patrick's favorite mixture....

Additionally we carry most of the major Premium Pipe Mixtures including Altadis, Ashton, Ascorti, Astley, Balkan Sasieni, Bentley, Bjarne, Butera, CAO, Caminetto, Charles Fairmorn, Chesdin, Cornell & Diehl, Dan, Davidoff, Dunhill, Erinmore, Escudo, Esotrica, Ferndown, F&K, Former, Fribourg and Treyer, Gawith Hoggarth, Germain's, G.L. Pease, Grey Castle, Holger Danske, John Aylesbury, Lane, Larsen, MacBaren, Mastro de Paja, McClelland, McClintock, McConnell, Merde de Cheval, Nat Sherman, Nording, Orlik, Peter Stokkebye, Petersen, Peterson,  Pipe Club, Presbyterian, Rattray, Samuel Gawith, Sillem, Sutliffe, Svenborg, Vauen, Von Eicken, Villiger, Wessex,and more.

Our cigarette tobaccos include German, Norwegian, Danish, and Blonde shags, Bali, Drum, Samson, and more. In addition, we carry 100% tobacco cigarette brands such as American Spirit, Dunhilland Sherman's, just to name a few.


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