Jon's Pipe Shop

Jon's Pipe Shop carries one of the most exhaustive inventories of fine pipes to be found in North America. Our current inventory of more than 3000 pipes, including over 1000 estate pipes, has Apples to Zulus ranging in prices from as little as $10 to over $2000. Just some of the brands we carry are...

Ascorti, Amorelli, Armallini, Ashton, Aldo Velani, Ardor, Bari, Barling, Ben Wade, Bentley, Big Ben, Bjarne, Brebbia, Butz-Choquin, Calabresi, Castello, Chacom, Charatan, Comoy, Design Berlin, Duncan, Dunhill, Il Ceppo, Falcon, Ferndown, Former, GBD, Grey Mountain, Heritage, James Upshall, Jan Harry, Jobey, John Aylesbury, Karl Erik, La Strada, Larsen, Lorenzo, Mastro de Paja, Mickles, Nording, Paykoc, Peterson, Nording, Radice, Sasieni, Savinelli, SMS, Summerler, Ser Jacopo, Stanwell, Tim West, Tom Richard, Upshall, Vipratti, Weber, Willmer, Winslow and more.

We also have a great collection of fine meerschaum pipes. And for the thrifty pipe smoker, we have an extensive collection of previously owned Estate Pipes professionally reconditioned by our in-house kapnismologist, Michael La Due. These pipes sell at one-half of their retail value. In other words, you can buy a $150 pipe for $75.00 at Jon's Pipe Shop.

For pipe smokers, Jon's is a veritable heaven on earth. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and smoke a bowl of your favorite mixture with Michael, Jerry and Patrick.


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