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With our overwhelming inventory of cigars, it is difficult to give you a complete listing of everything we carry. However, we can provide a list of brands we generally have in stock. They include...

Arturo Fuente (we are an authorized OPUS X, Julius Caeser, and Diamond Crown dealer), Ashton, Aurora, Avanti, Avo, Alec Bradley, Baccarat, Bonaparte, Braniff, Brickhouse, Cain, Camacho, Candlelight, C.A.O., Carlos Torano, Cohiba, Corazon, Credo, Cusano, Cuesta-Rey...

Davidoff, Delgados, Diamond Crown, Don Pepin, Don Tomas, Dunhill, El Baton, El Credito, El Rey del Mundo, El Rico Habano, Flor de Filipinas, Fonseca, Gispert, Griffin's...

H. Upmann, Havana Honeys, Helix, Henry Clay, Hoyo de Monterrey, Illusion, Julius Caeser, Kentucky Cheroots, Kristoff, La Aroma de Cuba, La Flor Dominicana, La Gloria Cubana, La Unica, ...

Macanudo, Maker's Mark, Mehari's Montecristo, My Father's National Brand, Nestor Miranda, Nub, Olivas, Onyx, Outdoorsman, Padron, Panter, Parodi, Partagas, Pedro Martin, Perdomo, Perfecto Garcia, Pinar Del Rio, Piper's, Playboy, Por Larranaga, Punch, Quorum,

Rocky Patel, Romeo y Julieta, Room 101, Royales, Saint Luis Rey, Sancho Panza, San Cristobal, San Lotano, Savinelli, Schimmelpenninck, Siglo, Te-Amo, Trinidad, Vallejuelo, Villiger, Zino Davidoff, and many other fine cigar brands.

All of our cigars are 100% pure tobacco. In addition, we have cigars in many shapes, sizes, tastes, and degrees of body. Our premium cigars range in price from $.95 to $39.00

We also carry European dry-cured cigars such as Agio, Al Capone, Balmoral, Candlelight, Charles Fairmorn, Excalibur, Panter, Schimmelpenninck, Villiger and more.

If you are in the Champaign-Urbana area, we invite you to stop by and have a smoke with us... you just might become one of the many fans of our aromatic atmosphere!


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