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   Right on Time! 
Bullseye Blues CD BB 9562 (1995) 


What Can I Do, Engines and Wings, First You Cry, Ever Since, Whatever It Takes, That's What I Want to Do, I've Been Watching You, I'm So Lonesome, Broken Hearted Man, What Do I Have to Do, My Darling, Baby Couldn't Be Found

   Lookin' for A Home
Sequel CD NEM CD 768 (1997) 


Lookin' for a Home, I Think I'm Falling, It's Loving Time, All Night Worker, I Got a Good Thing Going, I Proved I Love You, But I Do, I'm So Lonely, Young Boy Blues, Cry Me a River, You Were Meant For Me, River's Invitation, Whole Lotta Lovin', He's Gone, I Knew It All the Time, T.C. B., and 9 others

45 RPM Records 
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Lookin' for a Home/River's Invitation
Jubilee 5491                      12/64

I'm So Lonely/You Were Meant for Me
Jubilee 5502                  3/65

I Knew It All the Time/T.C.B.
Jubilee 5510                   6/65

I Got A Good Thing Going/It's Loving Time
Jubilee 5527                   4/66

All Night Worker/I Think I'm Falling
Jubilee 5537                   7/66

But I Do/I'm So Lonely
Josie 981                        10/67

Young Boy Blues/You Were Meant For Me
Josie 993                        3/68

Cry Me A River/City of Blues
Minit 32076                    12/69

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