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  I was born in Queens in 1959, and acquired a love of the sea at an early age. Growing up on Long Island, the sand and sea Were a constant presence which permeated my perceptions of the world around me. It was during my college years at SUNY Martime however when the interplay of light on the water really became a fascination for me. Sunsets over a stark Manhattan skyline and the long shadows of the east river bridges were daiily images, burned into memory. Trans-Oceanic training cruises, only hightened my awareness of this unique phenomena, which I continue to study and document to this day. My 20 year work on the Talls Ships of the 21st Century archive has given me an opportunity to experience the interface of the sea, sand and sky in many environments around the world. The Sail, Sea, Sand and Sky effort arose out a series of interesting light diffraction photos I have taken over the past decade. I enjoy looking at them often and I hope you will too.

All images © 2009 Lee Schneider