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Founded in 2006 by nautical photographer Lee Schneider, Glendale Nautical Studio arose as an offshoot of the artist's Tall Ships of the 21st Century collective works. In the artist's words,

"To spend any amount of time studying the dynamics of sea side photography, one cannot avoid the miraculous interplay of the elements of nature of in all of their splendor. It's a spiritual experience which blends the natures most visceral components of air, earth and water in a countless array of variations."

In persuing the application of the photgraphic medium to the interface of land, sea and sky, Lee has captured the profound beauty and depth of our most familiar yet mysterious environments. Glendale Nautical Studios serves as the venue for presenting his material to the public. We invite you to experience these unique works of sea, sand and sky, learn more about the artist and should you chose to, obtain one of the stunning images for your own collection.

All images © 2009 Lee Schneider