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Slough Creek Sunset

Slough Creek Sunset -- Yellowstone

Welcome to My place. It is very brief at this time but will grow as time permits. My Internet provider is EarthLink which offers some good links to Internet related subjects.

About Me -- I have recently retired from GroupTech, a SYPRIS Company, located in Tampa Florida USA where I was a senior Quality Assurance Engineer. I live in a small community just north of Tampa in Pasco County called Land O'Lakes. Some of the schools I have attended include St. Leo's (when it was still a college prep school), H.B. Plant High School in Tampa, and the University of Florida where, in addition to my academic pursuits, I was a member of the Gator Band (tenor sax) and the Delta Chi Fraternity. I also spent several years in the United States Air Force where I was a NAV-Aids technician specializing in the MA-1/CN&L system used on the F-106 Delta Dart. I was attached to the 325th A&E Squadron supporting the 318th FIS stationed at McChord AFB, Washington.

My hobbies include Fly Fishing, Photography, and the Computer.


Olympic Mountains Select Photos from my Archives Digital Desert Digital Desert

Family Album --  "Old Photos"

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