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Synopses & Cast
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Reading Copies & Rights
Resume & bio: Play writing
Resume & bio: Play writing
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Resume: Directing
Play writing in the 00's
Play writing in the 00's

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La Ronde, the Playwright's ring
La Ronde, the Playwright's ring

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Top What is La Ronde?

La Ronde provides an alternative to search engines and links pages, giving us a new way to organize our content on the World Wide Web—a “ring.”

What’s a “Ring?”

A ring lets us group sites with a like purpose—in our case, playwrights’ sites—by linking them together in a circle. If someone views any individual site in the ring, he/she can click “Next” or “Previous” on the special La Ronde Server Side NavBar (sample above) to go to the next or previous ring site. If they keep clicking Next/Previous buttons, they "tour" each site on the ring, eventually ending up where they began.

So yes, La Ronde is a gateway from your page to all other pages that belong to La Ronde. This happens without you having to maintain a list of links on your site and make sure the links still work. (Yes. Saving You the Drudgery of Doing it On Your Own). You’re still free to add your own links of choice to your own pages, of course, taking on as much burden as you can stand.

One person in the ring maintains it (believe it or not, he/she’s called the “Ringmaster," and he's actually a person, this very intense guy named Bob Jude Ferrante. And oh yeah, this is his website by the way. Hi.)

Anyway, whaat? Oh yeah, to join you need to apply, and I'm sorry to report it's the ringmaster — that self-indulgent cow! (sorry, Bob) is responsible for add new sites to the ring.

Top La Ronde’s mission—How does your site qualify?

The mission is, um... yeah. To link all stage writers on the Web. Nice and clean. Sites qualified for inclusion must have a primary focus on presenting the work of one individual playwright, with information like:

  • Synopses of work and cast requirements for play production
  • Production histories of playwright’s work
  • Playwright’s resumes or other stage writing-related documents
  • Essays and informational articles on writing plays
  • Links to playwright’s resources on the ‘net
  • Pictures of playwright's terriers.

Useful stuff like that, OK? And:

  • You have to write stage plays, OK? That's the niche. Screenwriters, we love you, we might even be you, but get your own Ring... there must be several, dear. Maybe someday I will get off my ass and give you the hyperlinks
  • No publishers, dig? You can't be a publisher or other exploiter of writers. Ha. Just kidding there, I was doing an impression of "early seventies." Actually, but really, no, you can't be a publisher, or other giver of opportunity to writers. Got it? Look. No publishers. Well, maybe if you'd publish me...
  • No people shooting each other or getting naked, capiche? High School kids look at this Ring, see, and they get enough absurd ideas on their own and don't need our encouragement. On the other hands, playwright's terriers do not need to wear anything, because they're not human.
  • No sites that promote hunting and trapping or any hunting or trapping to be done while visiting sites? Just had to get that in there. I feel better now. How are you?

Top How to Join La Ronde

It’s easy. If you’re a playwright with a site and want to join, you can start by clicking:
Join La Ronde.

If you're a playwright's terrier, don't click here, just say woof. three times. There. Doesn't that feel better?

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