The Anarchistic Rom Archive
Atari 8-bit Utilities/Programming Aids

Action Language --- 11/4/83 revision of the Action Cartridge Rom. Burn onto a 27128.
Basic XE Language --- Version 4.1 of Basic XE. Burn onto a 27128.
Basic XL Language --- Version 1.03 of Basic XL. Burn onto a 27128.
Mac 65 Language --- Version 1.01 of Mac 65. Burn onto a 27128.
SpartaDos X - Ver. 4.19 --- Version 4.19 of SpartaDos X. Burn onto a 27512.
SpartaDos X - Ver. 4.21 --- Version 4.21 of SpartaDos X. Burn onto a 27512.

Atari 8-bit Operating Systems

ARGS O.S. --- Alternate O.S. for XL/XE Computers. Don't know much about it. Came from overseas. Email me if
you find out anything. Burn onto a 27128.
MIO O.S. --- Version 1.1 of the ICD MIO O.S. Burn onto a 27128.
Speeder Plus O.S. --- Version 1.33N of this alternate XL/XE O.S. Another foreign O.S. I know nothing about.
Let me know what you discover while playing with it. Burn onto a 27128.

Atari Game Systems

7800 Game System O.S. --- NTSC/PAL alternate O.S. with built-in Asteroids. Depending on which model you have
this is not always a simple chip replacement. Burn onto a 27128.

Atari Vaporware & Other Weird Stuff

1090XL 80-column O.S. --- This is the O.S. from a prototype 80-column video board for the Atari 1090XL Expansion
System. Burn onto a 2716.
1090XL 80-column Char. Set --- This is the Character Set Eprom from a 1090XL prototype 80-column video board.
Burn onto a 2716.

Last updated on: 4/3/2000

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