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Anarchistic Rom Archive
Check out the Anarchistic Rom Archive for
weird, useful, and not-so-useful roms

65XEM Development
Download Amy Development Disks (386K)

Zap! - Available Here
Zap! has been licensed from McGraw-Hill. Get it here!

Doom 2 add-on
Atari Headquarters in Doom 2?
No, not
everybody's favorite Atari site. Download a
2-level add-on modeled after Atari's Corporate HQ. (675K)

2600/7800 Development Software
This zip (600K) contains three zip files (1 for each disk)
For use with Atari ST computers, not IBM compatible crap!

Last updated on: 4/3/2000

This page is intended to be a home for all the oddities and cool stuff that I think others might enjoy.
Those who program or play around with code should find it useful, or fun at the very least.
The page will be light on graphics, heavy on content, and updated in my spare time.

You can contact me at: with any comments or questions. Enjoy!