Here are some images recently made in Gottschee

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 Obertiefenbach,Gottschee Landscape  Niedertiefenbach,Gottschee Site of St.Valentin Church

 Morobitz,Gottschee Landscape  Morobitz,Gottschee Site of the St.Michael Church

Altlag,Gottschee Landscape Interior of a Village Church in Gottschee
 Niedertiefenbach,Gottschee Landscape  Niedertiefenbach,Gottschee Landscape
 Hinterberg,Gottschee Landscape  Hinterberg,Gottschee Gravestone
 Hinterberg,Gottschee Village House  Hinterberg,Gottschee Landscape

To view still images from a video made on August1,1998 of the Church of St.Fabian and St.Sebastion, click on the text high-lighted below.

 mural-1.JPG  mural2.jpg
 mural-3.JPG  mural4.jpg
 mural5.JPG statue.jpg

 mural7.JPG  entrance-.jpg

The following images were made September 16,2000

 Kirche2.jpeg  Kirche3.jpeg
 Kirche4.jpeg  Kirche5.jpeg

Photography by John B.Gladitsch

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