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Past News

12/28/03: The Gautrot ophicleide has been traded for another antique instrument which will be appearing on the site within the next month.

12/14/03: The Daniel ophicleide and Lecomte cornopean have been sold.

11/15/03: Price reduced on the Gautrot Bb ophicleide. The Quinby SARV trombone has been sold.

10/13/03: The two new ophicleides and keyed bugle have arrived. See the for sale page for new photos.

9/26/03: New instruments are officially on the way. A keyed bugle by Labbaye, and two ophicleides. Click on the for sale link for more information.

9/23/03: The price of the Quinby Bros. SARV trombone has been lowered to $1500.

9/16/03: The Quinby Bros. SARV trombone is now on eBay.

9/10/03: A Bb SARV trombone by Quinby Bros. has arrived. Click here for photos.

8/26/03: The Kohlert oboe has been sold. I have found five more ophicleides and a keyed bugle that should be on their way very soon.

8/9/03: Pollet ophicleide sold for $2,750 on eBay after only 9 hours, 41 minutes! That has to be a new record.

8/9/03: Boston Eb TARV cornet and Ukrainian horn have been sold. The Pollet ophicleide and Kohlert oboe are up for auction on eBay.

8/5/03: Boston Eb TARV cornet has arrived and is now for sale.

7/31/03: The Pollet ophicleide is once again for sale.

7/30/03: Photos of the Sax ophicleide and Kohlert oboe have been posted.

7/25/03: New instruments are on their way (no photos yet). An ophicleide by C.J. Sax, and a metal oboe by Kohlert. Email for more information.

7/10/03: Prices lowered on Lecomte cornopean and Ukrainian horn. click here

7/1/03: Getzen slide trumpet sold.

6/14/03: NEW Getzen slide trumpet is here... in great condition.

6/12/03: Bb TARV cornet has arrived and new pictures are available.

5/22/03: NEW Bb TARV cornet added to the for sale page. The Boston Eb SARV cornet and Pollet ophicleide have been sold.

5/13/03: The Boston Eb SARV cornet is finished with its restoration. See the for sale page for more photos.

5/7/03: The TARV cornet has arrived and new pictures are on the for sale page.

4/29/03: NEW! Ophicleide, Pollet a Toulouse in B flat with 11 keys.

4/25/03: NEW! Right hand horn made in 1812. The Eb flugelhorn and Cavalier trombone have been sold.

4/15/03: The Wynsberghe E flat flugelhorn has arrived and is now on the for sale page with many new pictures.

4/14/03: 1930's Conn Cavalier Trombone added to the for sale page.

4/9/03: I've put up pictures of the Boston SARV cornet in its unrestored condition and lowered the price. Take a look at the new photos by clicking the for sale link at the top of the page.

4/4/03: The Lecomte cornopean is back and looks like new. Robb Stewart has done it again! See the for sale page for NEW pictures.

3/28/03: The Lecomte cornopean is now in the able hands of Robb Stewart and will be finished some time this week. Check back for pictures.

3/20/03: I will be gone from 3/21 to 3/27 for a visit to Robb Stewart's shop and some vacation time. Leave me an email message and I'll get back to you.

3/18/03: Some new instruments are on their way from various parts of the world. I've posted the pictures that I have so far. More to come when they arrive.

3/10/03: The Lecomte cornopean has arrived just as described. See the "for sale" page for more details and price.


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