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About Graham Fine Antique Brass Instruments

Graham Fine Antique Brass Instruments is a long name for a small operation. Namely, the buying and selling of instruments from my personal collection, by me. I have been collecting brass instruments for over ten years, but since I still have a few years of school left ahead of me, I don't have the financial means necessary to develop a large collection.

The idea behind this website is that I can purchase instruments that are interesting to me (and hopefully to you too) and immediately place them up for sale. Between the time that I receive them and the time that someone buys them, I get to enjoy the instruments a little bit, and then have a small profit to put towards my education. If you'd like to see more about my school, or if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for quality affordable dental care, please click on the UOP School of Dentistry link on my links page.

As both a collector and a brass player, I think I can pick out some interesting, quality horns from the many that pass my way. I hope that you enjoy my site and that you find something here that suits you well!

- Hudson


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