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Welcome to the home page of Graham Fine Antique Brass Instruments. Above, you will find links to my currently available instruments, an "about me" section, and some interesting sites related to brass instruments.


- Hudson

If there is a particular type of antique brass instrument you are looking for, let me know and I can probably find it for you. I have contacts with dealers and collectors in several countries. If you have any questions, please email me:


8/11/04: A circular cornet, Slater and Martin Eb TARV cornet, and Labbaye 10 keyed ophicleide are now for sale. The Slater SARV Bb trumpet and Fiske Eb tuba have been sold.

6/21/04: The Slater SARV trumpet has arrived and is now for sale.

6/9/04: Several ophicleides are available through a friend in Europe. See the keyed brass page for details and prices.

6/6/04: D-day! The sarrusophone and two French cornets have been sold. A Slater Bb SARV trumpet is on its way.

5/9/04: Photos of the three cornets posted. See the piston valve cornets page for more information.

4/21/04: New instruments added! An Eb baritone sarrusophone by Triebert, Bb circular cornet, and two 19th century French cornets.

3/26/04: The serpent and keyed bugle have been sold. Visit the keyed brass page to see my new soprano ophicleide.

2/8/04: A new cornopean has arrived and is now for sale. The serpent and keyed bugle have been reserved.

1/10/04: A new church serpent has arrived and is now for sale.

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