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Status 1.4!

Yes, the indispensable CE app is now available from the source. Status is a tray application (sits in the system tray in the task bar - besides the clock). It displays the percentage of free storage and system memory - and the portion of battery life remaining (well, it does if your machine provides that info - if your control panel power applet tells you anything interesting about your batteries then so will Status).

And all this in a handy little 16 x 16 icon! Edward Tufte would like this. Maybe. (Anyone know a good Tufte site?)

Tapping the icon brings up a detailed dialog with all kinds of fascinating info. All this at the hard to beat price of zero dollars (US currency only).

get status

You too can be a guinea pig

Here's Beta 5 of Status 2.0. Do not redistribute.

For those of you who've been following along at home - this

  • Thanks for all the feedback & suggestions. Please don't take it personally if your suggestion was ignored. (Though I think the one about the walrus is illegal in most countries.)
  • get status 2.0 Beta 5


    And now, CardRunner 1.0

    This is a first hack at a utility which automatically runs an executable on a storage card whenever the card is inserted. Feedback welcome.


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