A Videoconferencing and Distance Learning Primer
a.k.a. The Handbook for the 21st Century Presenter
by Dean Freedman and Des Mas

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Meeting via videoconferencing


About this Website

What's it all about? Who are these guys?

The Scenario

The story of Arlo Lotech, Part 1, where everything that can possibly go wrong does.

The Lingo

Distance Learning
Distance Training
Continuous Presence
Voice Activation
Continuous Presence with Blow-Up

Equipment You're Likely to Encounter

Cameras & Video Monitors
Microphones & Speakers
Touch Panel/Remote Control
Computer for PowerPoint
Document Stand
Electronic Whiteboard

Questions of Orientation

Camera Location
Best Position
Site Seeing
Student View
Computer Check
Whiteboard Type
VCR and Tapes
DVD and Discs
Remote Control
Material Movement
Lookout for Lockouts
Keep Cool
Where Can I Get Some Doggone Help?

TTT (Top Ten Tips) List

10) Greet People
9) Look 'em in the Eye
8) Speak Up!
7) Wear Video-Friendly Attire
6) Use Full Sentences
5) Be Patient
4) Make Sure Side Comments Aren't Offensive
3) Don't Time-Check
2) Don't Focus on the Technology
1) Be You!

Newly Revised!! By Popular Demand... Top Ten Tips PDF for Video Meetings

Advantaging Other Sites

Where to start
Taking attendance
Don't point at the whiteboard unless you mean it!
Directing questions to particular sites
Repeating comments

Some Tips to Smooth Things Out

Act natural
Minimize the distance
Use equal introductions
Talk to your technician
Familiarize yourself with in-room technology
Use a variety of meeting resources
Consider what you wear
Speak and make eye contact with all participants
Give Feedback
Hold on to your train of thought
Be sure to project
Give a privacy headsup
Focus on your presentation, not the technology
Don't worry about where people look

Font-Wise, Think BIG

PowerPoint Points
White Boards/Flip Charts
Document Cameras

Ten Ways to a Successful Video Seminar

Setup the Conference
Know Your Territory
Build Rapport
Start the Conference
Maintain Eye Contact
Use a Discussion Strategy
Assure Interaction
Close for Effectiveness

Techniques to Help Avoid Common Mistakes

Full Sentences
Distant References
Identifying People
Gender Guessing
Delaying Phrases

Games and Playing Roles

Instruction Distribution
Time limits
Contact number
Cross-site role plays
Bringing back the whole

We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Not in sync
Crazy camera
Iffy sound
Low sound
Jerky picture
Blurry picture
Frozen picture
Inaudible audio
Loud background sounds
Missing site
Total meltdown

Wrapping Things Up

How to Minimize End-of-Session Chaos

Trends in Videoconferencing

IP Connections
Connecting Over the Internet
Head 'n Slide


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A Videoconferencing and Distance Learning Primer
a.k.a. The Handbook for the 21st Century Presenter
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