For Immediate Press Release. --Feb. 28, 1999


The following is an open letter sent to the Justice Dept. to reopen the Royal Oak Postal Shooting that occurred 1991 from NALC union steward Charlie Withers. His efforts to fight for accountability for the management that
created and fueled the insane conditions that lead to the horrific carnage has been set back by the Justice Department's lack attitude toward opening up the investigation and find the truth. His letter is as follows:

I received a letter from Mr. John C. Keeney, Deputy Attorney General Criminal Division dated Feb. 3, 1999 in which he reiterates the same conclusion reached by Mr. Radek's previous correspondence from the Justice

This conclusion was based on issues that we attempted to bring to the Justice Department's attention concerning the shooting at the Royal Oak Post Office on November 14, 1991.

Mr. Radek stated that the issues should have been addressed by the congressional investigation concerning the Royal Oak Post office tragedy. As we have stated before, the packets of information which were assembled and sent to your organization contained documents which weren't available at the
time of the Congressional investigation. Many of the details were never questioned nor brought out fully in the investigation and things that should have been addressed in fact ... were not.

Many of these documents we had sent were awarded through the grievance procedure and labor charges in order to show inconsistencies of the investigation done by the Postal Inspection Service. All these documents were received and reviewed after the Congressional Investigative Team had
been disbanded. Therefore the information could not be addressed by the forementioned investigators.

The answering machine tape from Thomas Mcllvane's home was clearly tampered
with, as evidence given from an audio/video criminologist with 20 years of experience shows, and is in the Justice Department's
possession. This tape, however, was never addressed by the Congressional Investigators, and only put under scrutiny by the Inspection Service when it was brought to their attention in 1994 during an internal affairs investigation.

There are other questionable items that have disappeared and items not accounted for that need to be addressed yet you dismiss this evidence as nothing.

We feel if in fact corporations, racketeers, and alleged White Supremacists defended by NRA high-priced lawyers can have their day, then in fact we have a right to a fair, unbiased examination into our concerns. The focus should not be whether this is an embarrassment to Congress for ignoring its
responsibilities to postal employees after the tragedy or a concern that litigation could be brought against another government agency. The focus should be on accountability, and justice.

In his closing statement Mr. Keeney says, "I do not believe that further correspondence regarding this matter would serve any useful purpose." I disagree! We have asked for the
proper procedure to appeal the findings and have been ignored. I feel that substantially more correspondence is warranted in order to proceed forward for justice. We are formally requesting information regarding the proper
procedure for pursuing an appeal.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. I will be awaiting your reply.

Charlie Withers
PO Box 134
Royal Oak, Ml 48068 Phone: 248-546-7179 or 248-546-7142