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In November, 1998 I was doing a little websurfing and ran across a page about The Shadow. I had listened to a few tapes that were given to me as gifts, and there was a station here in New York that used to play old shows on Sunday nights when I was a kid, so I was aware of the old shows.

What I wasn't aware of was that OTR ,(Old Time Radio), had a huge fan following, and that those fans have been collecting the recordings and sharing them on the web and usenet. The collectors have spent YEARS and lots of cash tracking down rare tapes and records of shows, and now these giving folks are sharing their collections with the rest of us out of the goodness of their hearts.

There are TONS of shows out there, and it's not just an American thing, there are lots of great shows from Britain and other countries. You'll find Orson Welles, Alan Ladd, Jack Webb, Willam Conrad, Jimmy Stewart, and many other well known movie stars that lent ther voices to radio characters. And then there are the comedians, Benny, Burns, Abbot and Costello and the like. There are news recordings from WW2, D-day, December 7th 1941 , fireside chats from FDR and other looks into history.

I've been collecting almost a year now, and without a cd burner I'd be lost. As I write this I've got less than a gig left on the 10gig drive used just for storing OTR, and about 15 or so cds that I've burned. I'm hooked, and I'm hoping to get you addicted too, so here's where you need to go on usenet, and the web to get started on your collection.


alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime --this is the main group for downloads

alt.binaries.sound.radio.oldtime-- this group is for floods ,many posts of the same series in a short time.

alt.binaries.sound.radio.misc --this group is for stuff that isn't "oldtime"

alt.radio.oldtime --just for talk

Go here for the FAQ for the newsgroups http://www.microserve.com/~dave/otrfaq.html

Go here for the OTR FAQ http://www.old-time.com/otrfaq.html

Here's the beginners guide to downloading OTR http://www.microserve.com/~dave/otr_dlguide.html

I suggest Winamp for listening it's free and you can make playlists, and NewsShark for newsgroup downloads because it resumes broken dl's. Get Gozilla for web and ftp downloads, it resumes also. OK that gives you the basics, now for some places on the web.

Jack's Killer List of OTR Sites This site is all you really need, it's got links to lots of pages and it gets updated often.

ftp://ftp.cs.uofs.edu/pub/OTR/ This is an ftp site with a good number of shows. The login is the word anonymous, and the password is your real email address.


That will set you on the road to yesteryear, if you need any more help, ask on the newsgroups, or use the email link on the main page to contact me.

Happy listening,

Cap'n Bludd