We have some new additions to the family of Fall comix. Chris Kovin has generously (is that the right word?) donated some MES & Assoc. single and LP covers, and I'll get them up as soon as I have time. I did get the quicky below up, though, and it comes to us courtesy Peter Messiaen, fellow Brooklynite. I assume the pic is ©1993 Danny Hellman, and I thank him in advance for not sueing me. It appeared in the New York Press sometime in Fall '93 after the Fall played Tramps here in NYC.

Even more fun than actually listening to The Fall, for FallNetters, is finding ephemera that mention the word "Fall" or the name "Mark E. Smith." Actually relevant are the comics by Colin B. Morton and Chuck Death entitled "Great Pop Things" and published in New Musical Express. The images on the linked pages are copyright ©1992, 1996 Colin B. Morton and Chuck Death. (Somehow, the last statement makes me feel that ripping these images off is perfectly legal.) Someone remind me who first posted the Fall Fans pic so I can give that person credit. Please.
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