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What Are BikkiBears?
The BikkiBear is a hybrid/designer dog resulting from the combination of quality adults. The foundation of this new companion breed is Bichon Frise, Shih-Tzu, Maltese, and a toy breed we keep a Mystery ingredient to make the perfect mix we have trademarked the "Bikki Bear".

These delightful puppies resemble the teddy bears we loved as children. Their coats are soft and furry, non shedding and hypo-allergenic with most allergies. These adorable little balls of fluff have been gently home-raised in a clean environment with parents on site.

Why Choose A BikkiBear?
The BikkiBear is bred for temperament and health. They are delightfully playful, yet love to snuggle with you. The BikkiBear is good natured, easy going and very happy. They make wonderful companions for families or singles and adore children. The BikkiBear isn't yippy and loves to travel. They range in size and come in a variety of colors. When fully grown, the BikkiBear is about the size of a small to medium size cat, weighing between 5-17 pounds. They are comfortable in an apartment, condo or larger home. They are intelligent and easy to train. The BikkiBear doesn't have the typical high strung temperament that normally comes with a small, non-shedding breed. Our clients often tell us they are most like Golden Retrievers in temperament and disposition. They're a big minded dog in a little, non-shedding, low maintenance package.

Do They Come With Shots?
All puppies have been de-wormed and have received their first immunizations. For your convenience they have been both paper and litter box trained. They come with a written health guarantee and a welcome home gift bag.

We take responsibility for every puppy. We will take them back at any age for any reason and re-home them. Our commitment is to never have one of our BikkiBears in an animal shelter. It is unthinkable that one of these beautiful dogs would be put down because they were unwanted.






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